How Are Millennials Keeping Themselves Entertained During Lockdown?

How Are Millennials Keeping Themselves Entertained During Lockdown?


Listen. We all have different ways to cope during this month-long quarantine. Whether it’s through lighthearted banter or making weird coffee recipes, we gotta do what we gotta do to keep ourselves entertained.

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Every week, we discover something new to try or talk about. Perhaps it’s a coping mechanism as we deal with the uncertainty of our nation during this pandemic. Aside from trying to stay up all night to wait for the President to address the ongoing fight against COVID-19, our generation and the ones after us are finding different platforms to relieve our stress.

Apart from the obvious desire to be entertained, these derivatives of social manifestations also perform a very important function in these hard-pressed times: it anchors us in a sense of normalcy that is being redefined as the days go by. By subscribing to these activities, we are kept grounded and going on until life allows us to step outside from our points of isolation.

We rounded up all the things that are keeping us entertained during the lockdown.

Subtle Clown Traits

At the very start of the lockdown, over 100,000 Facebook users have been invited to a Facebook group called “Subtle Clown Traits.” As the namesake suggests, this group is the hub of all receipts that show traits of being played, thus being called “clownery” for being the subject of laughter. From sad screenshots of breakups to hilarious conversations about falling for the wrong person, people are willingly posting screenshots of their failed flirtations and laughing about it together, giving these people a sense of belongingness by creating a safe space to share their stories and see other people relate to them as well.

Instagram Story Chains

Remember when all of your friends’ Instagram stories were drawings of oranges or a throwback picture of when they were little? Times like these, we desperately cling to momentary bliss, thinking about anything but the present crisis we now face. So, if you’re seeing your friends become more active on social media and playing mindless Instagram games, just let them be. They might be the ones who need the distraction from everything that has been going on in the country, and the world for that matter.

Dalgona Coffee

The Dalgona Coffee trend is the latest coffee craze everyone is trying on social media right now. With your go-to coffee shop closed for quarantine, some coffee lovers are looking for an alternative to boost their energies throughout the day. Dalgona coffee has simple instructions: Whisk equal amounts of coffee powder, sugar, and water together until it has a frothy, thick texture. Add it on top of milk with ice and taste your hard-earned creation.

Group Video Calls

While we endure this month-long quarantine in the safety nets of our home, we want to still feel as if we aren’t alone. Of course, to stay connected, group video calling apps have re-emerged to entertain friends and family that are away from each other during the lockdown. Apps like Zoom, Houseparty, Netflix Party, and more video calling services are catering to groups of people who want to have a good time without having to leave their houses.

Trashtalk Groups

There’s no denying that Millennials have a self-deprecating humor that only they, themselves can understand. Trashtalk groups on Facebook have become an outlet to release their frustrations about specific topics such as toxic zodiac sign traits, making fun of the Big Four schools, and the like, with the promise that people can comment back with the same energy. All in good natured banter, it’s one of the ways Millennials have released their stress (… Or add to it, if you can’t take a joke.)


Nobody and we mean nobody is spared from meme culture. Expect for memes to go viral. From the simplest comment down to the most controversial topic on social media, there’s a meme out there that mocks it. In a way, memes have become a way to express what netizens feel about certain issues. It’s short and funny, but powerful enough to make a strong statement.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The latest and most anticipated Nintendo video game is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. According to our Social Media Editor, the stressful yet oddly calming video game is “basically a fantastical escapist re-do of your own life set in an abandoned Island.” (Read: MEGA Man Picks: 7 Best Video Games To Play During Quarantine)

Online Games

Aside from Animal Crossing, there are plenty of online games that are keeping millennials entertained right now. Interactive games such as Cards Against Humanity is one of the games that are being played in groups. There is also Werewolf on Telegram, and on a browser.

Most Hated Person of The Week

It’s been a running joke on social media that every week, there is a special hot seat for the most hated person on the Internet. The first week of quarantine, Mayor Joy Belmonte was the subject of unforgiving criticism because of her lack of action for Quezon City. The second week, it was Senator Koko Pimentel for allegedly wandering the corridors of Makati Medical City, potentially infecting health workers when he was knowingly a PUI for COVID-19. He later tested positive which led to numerous health workers in the area having to self-quarantine. And then, earlier this week, Sam Morales became the most talked about person on social media. A thread went viral over Sam Morales‘ alleged catfishing and transphobia, with transgender women speaking up about being victims of the filmmaker’s deception.


Whether you want to admit it or not, you have probably already thought about succumbing to the TikTok trend. But hey–no judgments here. If you want to dance to the latest TikTok song or just casually browse through the “For You” page, we’re totally here for it. Even these celebrities are now certified Tiktokers and they’re damn good at it, too.

You can call it whatever you want: hobbies, interests, distractions, but remember that even with all these things to keep us entertained during the quarantine period, there is something bigger than us out there that needs our full attention. Let’s still keep our eyes on what will save our fellow Filipino citizens. Stay informed.


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