Dare to Reveal More Radiant, Whiter Skin with the “Miracle Enzyme”

Dare to Reveal More Radiant, Whiter Skin with the “Miracle Enzyme”


Show your bolder side with skin that’s bright from within

Showing bare skin is one of the most beautiful and easiest trends any person can pull off provided they have good skin. It gives a fresh and youthful look that not even the most skilled make-up experts can’t replicate; it gives you an instant confidence boost that no amount of makeup or expensive clothing can provide.

Be bold enough to reveal brighter, more beautiful skin to the world. Improve its appearance by taking care of it from within. Add antioxidant-rich food to your diet to protect your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals in your body, and reduce the signs of aging. Fill up on berries and beans to cleanse your body of free radicals and look youthful and lit from within.

Dark chocolate isn’t just another tasty treat for your cravings. It can also help lighten your complexion. They contain antioxidants that aid in skin whitening and rev up your skin’s ability to protect itself from UV rays. Snack on a couple of dark chocolate squares to reap its benefits and be a tone lighter.

To really make your skin standout, include the “miracle enzyme” to your everyday diet. L-Glutathione, also known to many as the “master antioxidant,” prevents damage caused by free radicals and repairs the cells in the body to get rid of the harmful toxins brought about by stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and aging. Glutathione also improves lipid metabolism and increases the liver’s efficiency, and strengthens the liver’s detoxification and immunization functions.

Get your daily dose of L-Glutathione in SnowCaps. Each capsule of SnowCaps has 500mg of L-Glutathione, 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid (glutathione precursor), and 100mg of non-acidic Vitamin C—all of which work to make your skin luminous and brighter from within. Taking one capsule a day brings you a step closer to having more radiant, whiter skin that you can show off freely and confidently to the world.

SnowCaps is available online at Shopee. Learn more about SnowCaps on their website or Facebook page

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