Miss Universe Philippines Evening Gowns From 2013 to 2022

Miss Universe Philippines Evening Gowns From 2013 to 2022


Explore the evolution of Miss Universe Philippines evening gowns from 2013 to 2022—a journey through elegance, cultural richness, and iconic fashion moments

In pageantry, the evening gown segment is a pivotal moment that combines elegance and style. The Miss Universe competition has been a stage where beauty, intelligence, and fashion unite in a grand spectacle. Over the years, the evening gowns worn by the Miss Universe Philippines, then-Binibining Pilipinas Universe, titleholders have evolved, reflecting not only their style, but also the creative genius of renowned Filipino designers. Let’s take a chronological journey through the evening gowns worn by Filipino beauty queens that have graced the Miss Universe stage from 2013 to 2022.

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2013: Ariella Arida by Alfredo Barraza

Miss Universe Philippines evening gown Arielle Arida
Arida’s canary yellow number looked pristine

Ariella Arida’s gown made a bold statement with its vibrant sunshine yellow color. Created by Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza, the gown featured a classic silhouette with just the right amount of shimmer that complemented her straight hair. 

2014: Mary Jean Lastimosa by Alfredo Barraza

Miss Universe Philippines evening gown MJ Lastimosa
Lastimosa’s gown emphasized her curves and radiant personality

Mary Jean Lastimosa illuminated the stage in a white gown crafted by Alfredo Barraza. The gown’s design was a gleaming white strapless, form-fitting mermaid gown that accentuated her curves. It was further embellished with white flower cutouts to give a textured effect, along with a surprise sheer open portion that showcased skin.  

2015: Pia Wurtzbach by Albert Andrada

Miss Universe Philippines evening gown Pia Wurtzbach
Wurtzbach and her royal blue gown was a winning combination

Pia Wurtzbach’s royal blue gown designed by Albert Andrada was a dream in sapphire. With its figure-hugging silhouette and a dramatic train, it symbolized the destiny that awaited her. It was a gown that perfectly framed her elegance and beauty, leading her to be our third Miss Universe after 42 years.

2016: Maxine Medina by Rhett Eala

MUPH Maxine Medina evening gown
Medina’s gown showcased intricate beadwork on her bodice and then scattered at the front of her dress

Maxine Medina’s majestic red gown, designed by Rhett Eala, was a refined piece that featured intricate beadwork and a unique silhouette. It highlighted her beauty in a graceful and understated manner.

2017: Rachel Peters by Val Taguba

MUPH Rachel Peters evening gown
Peters surprises and captivates in a silver gown

Rachel Peters graced the stage in a sublime silver gown, a creation by Val Taguba. The gown boasted a lustrous silver fabric, complemented by a captivating thigh-high slit, side panels that hinted surprise, and a neckline that plunged with attraction.

2018: Catriona Gray by Mak Tumang

Miss Universe Philippines evening gown Catriona Gray
Gray’s look captures the eyes and melts the hearts of many as she struts down her iconic walk

Catriona Gray’s “Mayon Volcano” gown was a work of art designed by Mak Tumang. This gown was an homage to the Philippines, with its lava-inspired design and intricate embroidery. It turned out to be the perfect choice for the fourth titleholder destined for greatness.

2019: Gazini Ganados by Cary Santiago

Gazini Ganados evening gown
Ganados’ beauty is exemplified in this red look; Photo: GAZINI GANADOS

Gazini Ganados’ red gown, adorned with the designer Cary Santiago’s signature embellishment, exuded its own fiery presence, even if it was only showcased for a fleeting moment.

2020: Rabiya Mateo by Furne Amato

MUPH Rabiya Mateo
Mateo rises from the ashes in this orange piece; Photo: FURNE AMATO 

Rabiya Mateo’s gown, designed by Furne Amato, served as a nod to cultural richness. Inspired by the sarimanok, a mythical bird of the Maranao people in Mindanao, the gown featured legendary heritage. Adorned with hand-embroidered hyacinth Swarovski crystals, glass beads, and paillettes, the laser-cut fabrics resembled feathers, creating a soft hem. 

2021: Beatrice Luigi Gomez by Francis Libiran

Miss Universe Philippines evening gown Beatrice Luigi Gomez
Gomez’ strikes in gold

Beatrice Gomez’s gown was an embodiment of elegance and sophistication in gold, created by Francis Libiran. It highlighted her grace and beauty, adding to the legacy of iconic Miss Universe Philippines gowns.

2022: Celeste Cortesi by Oliver Tolentino

Miss Universe Philippines evening gown Celeste Cortesi
Cortesi wears a crystal-embellished sky-blue gown

Celeste Cortesi walked the stage in a gown designed by Oliver Tolentino. Paying tribute to her father, the gown featured a heavenly sky blue hue, reflecting the foundation and meaning of her name. The strapless and classic silhouette in soft blue was a choice that radiated grace and beauty,

The enduring impact of these evening gowns is a reflection of how they seamlessly complement the distinctive personalities and poised demeanor of the Miss Universe Philippines titleholders, shaping memorable moments in the pageant world. Each gown represented a unique chapter in Filipino fashion history, and the creativity of the designers behind them shone brightly. The Miss Universe competition continues to be a platform where elegance and evolution come together in perfect harmony, leaving us in anticipation of what the future holds for this remarkable tradition.


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