MJ Marfori Makes a Mark as the New MEGA Entertainment Editor

MJ Marfori Makes a Mark as the New MEGA Entertainment Editor


As the journalist joins the MEGAVerse, MJ Marfori aims to elevate the Philippine entertainment industry by bringing talents to greater heights

For more than a decade—12 years to be exact—MJ Marfori has been telling the stories of the biggest and brightest stars in the industry. This time, as the reporter embarks on a new journey of her career as MEGA Entertainment’s Editor, she finally gets a turn on the hot seat and shares her vision of Philippine entertainment. 

“MJ Marfori is a multi-hyphenate. She is a seasoned talk show and radio host, and an experienced journalist in the world of entertainment. She is a natural-born storyteller, and has a unique point of view,” notes Peewee Reyes-Isidro, MEGA Magazine Editor-in-Chief. “She is driven with a sense of purpose, and that is to inform, entertain, give meaningful insights to her audience, and elevate the art of serving entertainment.” 

“Entertainment should be a vital part of each and everyone’s day,” MJ remarks in her exclusive interview with MEGA.

“It decompresses us from the lives we live. We might think it is just something light, but it mirrors our emotions and our aspirations because we see them in the stars that we look up to.” 

Straight to the point

Both eloquent in speech and writing, MJ has shared numerous scoops and interviews with the biggest names. Although she mentioned that the pandemic has made reporting more straightforward, she has done it in her career ever since. This time, through the lens of MEGA. 

“I am very excited for the opportunity and I am looking forward to working with everyone,” she said. “There is much beauty in writing that’s also in video. But with writing, you can legibly explain what’s happening in the moment about the subject. You transport the reader. As for the celebrities, their guards are down. You can extract more because you are talking to a friend. It’s a matter of fact.” 

Staying true to her approach and philosophy towards storytelling, she adds, “We don’t just get the news from the great vine. We get it straight from the source. We also triple, even quadruple check. We get all sides of the story because we maintain the balance in whatever we do.” 

Always in her entertainment element

From her Marimarfori persona to establishing her own identity as one of the most sought-after industry reporters, MJ acknowledges the role of entertainment in her life.

“It has always been inculcated in my DNA. I’ve done hard news before entertainment, but it’s my natural habitat. I am inspired by the people I see, the creatives, the genius programs I see from all around the world. There are nuggets of everything that you see in your life, and you can relate to it. Because of it, we learn more about ourselves.” 

As MEGA’s new Entertainment editor, MJ has set her eye on her goal to elevate Philippine entertainment.

“We will move it forward and globally. If collaboration is at the forefront, we are here for it. Besides having access to the biggest stars, we are also going to discover up-and-coming talents. Let’s push the industry forward, and learn and move together.” 

Wrapping it up, she said as a matter of fact, “We are the Philippines. We don’t just want to bring talents here—we want our [own] to go global and have their talents known to the world.”


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