Modern Archives: Gucci Releases A New Bag, The Gucci Attache

Modern Archives: Gucci Releases A New Bag, The Gucci Attache


Inspired by an archival piece, Alessandro Michele designed the Gucci Attache to be perfect for the culture of contemporary living.

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From the archives of Gucci, Alessandro Michele glanced at an archival bag and a rush of desire to recreate the piece immediately took place. Designed with a modern attitude, reinterpretation of tradition, and hints of the fashion in 1970, the Gucci Attache is a piece that rebels from the bounds of gender. 

“I was fascinated by the bag after having laid upon it a casual and fleeting glance while I was in the archive.” 

Alessandro Michele

Presented against a metropolitan backdrop, the expression of appearance and practicality becomes evident. References and perspectives of culture, history, and modernity are put together to create a harmonious canvas. But in its entirety, the Gucci Attache bag is a contemporary design that reinterprets a historical piece is revived with a modern touch. 

Taking inspiration from the word Attache, which means “hook’ in French, the geometry of the bag was then formed like a hook. With metallic hooks that attaches both ends of bag and a metallic G to clasp it together, the silhouette of the bag then presents as a half-moon. 

“It is its G-shaped clasp detail, with its mechanical origin, that makes it the joining link between a bourgeois spirit, typical of an object of this kind, and the functionality of the world of utility.”

Alessandro Michele

Whether your choice of size is small or medium, the versatility of the bag is ever present. Designed to be utilized and useful to the wearer, the Gucci Attache can be worn across the body or simply placed on your shoulder. It becomes a desirable bag perfect for the culture of contemporary living. 

Learn more about the Gucci Attache on their website. Visit their boutique at Greenbelt 4, Makati City.

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