Modern Makeover: How Tod’s Reinvents Top Handle Bags With A New Twist

Modern Makeover: How Tod’s Reinvents Top Handle Bags With A New Twist


Riding along with the current trend in the bag department, Tod’s showcases their own take on the top handle bags that we’re seeing everywhere.

As we’re already in the last month of this very long year, we want to make sure to spend it the best way we can. And as fashionistas, we want to end it in style, too. So, when splurging on something luxurious this Christmas, we highly advise you to always ask yourself these two questions: is it something you could use now, and is it something you could still use in the future?

Tod's Top Handle bag
Steph Au

You see, we just don’t want you to spend something that you’ll regret, because it’s not on trend anymore the following year. Hence, you have to make sure it’s worth your investment. Now, if you’re looking for a bag to tote during your holiday dinners or going from room to room, the ladylike top handle is a classic that happens to look extremely current. But more than that, we’re forecasting that the bag will still be on-trend in 2021.

Tod's Top Handle bag
Evelyn Choi

And if that’s what you want, then you’re in luck, because Italian luxury label Tod’s just launched its new take on The Signature Bags. It’s a series of versatile top handle handbags featuring the iconic pattern inspired by the imprint of the house’s famed Gommino loafer. 

Gommino Reinvented

Veronica Ni

The new designs of Tod’s represent a revision of the original Signature pattern by the house’s new creative director Walter Chiapponi. And this endeavor of his is a part of his mission to reaffirm the brand’s excellence in leatherwork and overall dedication to craftsmanship in a contemporary context.

Faye Tsui

This reinterpretation of an icon sees a loosening of the Signature pattern, giving space for the natural quality of the leather to breathe and shine while retaining and celebrating the circular pebble motif that echoes the base of the Gommino.

Liu Shishi

You’ll also notice the signature Timeless T buckle which is discreetly settled at the flap opening. Now, since the Matelassé texture is retained, it still becomes a perfect everyday companion that anyone can seamlessly use between occasions—whether casual or formal.

The New ‘It’ Bag

Tod's Top Handle bag
Leone Hanne

We’ve all witnessed the coming and going of the so-called “it” bags from several brands. And this time as well as in the coming years, we think that the redesign of the Signature once more reinforces Tod’s continuing, unparalleled expertise in creating accessories that easily straddle the line between classic and contemporary.

Eliza Sam

As a matter of fact, The Signature Bag has already garnered a celebrity following. Chinese Actress Liu Shishi was already seen carrying the bag—both in mustard yellow and classic black. Other celebrity fans of the modern feminine style include German influencer Leonie Hanne as well as Hong Kong celebrities namely Eliza Sam, Evelyn Choi, Elva Ni, Zelia Zhong, Faye Tsui, and Veronica Ni. 

Tod’s The Signature Bag is now available worldwide. Tod’s is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at Greenbelt 4, Rustan’s Shangri-La, and Shangri-La Plaza.

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