Modern Parenting Celebrates 15 Parents Who Juggle Family and Showbiz Life

Modern Parenting Celebrates 15 Parents Who Juggle Family and Showbiz Life


There’s no business like show business, but there’s no bigger matter than family matters.

While it’s true that to pursue your passion takes sacrifice, there are just some things that require you to push your limits to make it work. One of those instances is raising a child.

With their dedication, hard work, and unparalleled love, these 15 celebrity parents have bravely juggled their craft and the work of parenting all at the same time.

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Marvin Agustin

A few titles will come to mind when thinking about Marvin Agustin such as actor, chef, entrepreneur, and even heartthrob. But one of his greatest roles is that of being a father.

Being the father of teenage twin boys is no easy feat, but Marvin is well past the era of trying to restrict them from living their lives: “I want to be the person that they talk to about anything,” he shared with Modern Parenting in June of 2021. “They should be able to turn to me for advice whenever they want.”

As a chef, he also bonds with Santiago and Sebastian through cooking, although at the end of the day he wants them to lead their own lives, with him looking on as a mentor and father.

“I think it’s why I treat my sons like adults, I want them to learn from everything that I’ve been through.” 

KC Montero and Stephanie Dods

KC and Stephanie are part of the many “pandemic parents” that welcomed a child during the lockdowns – and they have been nothing but blessed both work and family-wise.

The couple welcomed their son named Wyatt Cody on December 24, 2020, and they have since been sharing the curly-haired tot’s adventures with nature and at home through social media.

Kumu, KC’s longtime company, has been widely successful amid the pandemic. He also recently hosted the Miss Universe Philippines 2021. Meanwhile, Stephanie’s brand deals online have also been continuing alongside her mommy duties.

Rodjun Cruz and Dianne Medina

Dianne and Rodjun are also part of the “pandemic parents” pack, as Dianne gave birth to their first child on September 10, 2020.

Amid their acting projects, Dianne has also gushed about how her partner has been instrumental in raising baby Joaquin: “Sobrang hands-on niya and he does a lot of research for the baby.”

Talagang ano siya din, nagugulat ako na alam niya ito, may information siya about certain things. Kasi nga talagang inaaral din niya,” Dianne added. “Talagang may timer pa iyan, may alarm iyan. Gigising talaga siya magpapaaraw sila ni baby Joaquin for Vitamin D.”

Chito Miranda

Proving that you can be both a rockstar and a responsible family man, Chito Miranda has been the gold standard for the kind of father who can still kick it with his buddies – but he also owes a lot to his partner, Neri.

At 4 years old, their son Migy is an active boy who can ride a bike and scooter and take care of his younger siblings, Cash.

Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo

Hold the tissue, we’re still feeling emotional over Ryan’s #StoriesforLucho Instagram posts!

As business partners and parents, Judy Ann and Ryan have definitely learned how to juggle taking care of three kids while taking time to hone their craft.

While raising their kids, Judy Ann has gone to be a certified chef while Ryan has honed his photography skills and showbiz projects

Andi Eigenmann

Being a young mom is no easy task, but Andie Eigenmann’s inspirational journey proves that you just have to ride the wave to get to your paradise. True enough, she now lives in Siargao with her three beautiful children.

After introducing Ellie in 2011, Andie let go of the showbiz spotlight to focus on raising her child. Since then she’s been co-parenting with actor Jake Ejercito while making the blended family life work with surfer-partner Philmar Alipayo.

Sunshine Cruz

44 has never looked this good! Sunshine Cruz may look just like one of her daughters’ friends when they’re taking a photo together, but this beautiful mother of three is more than her looks – she’s one of the strongest showbiz moms out there!

Sunshine has maintained her showbiz stardom while raising Angelina,Sam, and Chesca – three women who are now making their mom proud through their own celebrity status and educational accolades.

Jodi Sta. Maria

Raising a teenage son as a single parent is no easy task, but Jodi has done it all while finishing her studies this year.

“I just had to accept that this phase was coming. He’s trying to be his own person,” she shared with Modern Parenting. “He’s creating his personality and finding new interests.”

“With teens, you can’t tell them what to wear, what to like, or what to do. No, they have their own opinions, they make their own decisions, they have their own unique way of expressing themselves— in the way they dress or how they carry themselves.” 

Nevertheless, she finds solace in the fact that her son never forgets to remind her of his love: “My blessing with Thirdy is that he still says ‘I love you.’ It doesn’t embarrass him. He always checks up on me. And when we talk, he really shares his thoughts and opinions about the way he sees the world.”

Ciara Sotto

Talk abou a hot momma! Ciara Sotto isn’t just a mom, but also the President and Founder of Philippine Pole and Aerial Sports Association (PPASA).

Aside from being a group that uplifts the strenuous exercise of pole and aerial spotrts, did you know that PPASA is also an official member of the Philippine Olympic Committee? Yep, and it’s because of Ciara’s initiative to give the sport a much-needed platform.

Ciara started pole dancing in 2010, way before her son Crixus was born.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

Proving that they’re the ultimate millennial parents, Billy and Coleen have never failed to chronicle baby Amari’s journey on social media through the years – from the surprise pregnancy announcement to his first Halloween as a ‘Squid Game’ player!

With Amari being born in the pandemic, Billy and Coleen have made sure to make their son feel as social and special even as a baby, with Billy sharing on his first birthday: “We will never stop covering you in prayers and showering you with love, our beautiful baby boy. There are a lot of scary and negative things still going on in the world, but you have been our sunshine and ray of hope.”

“One day, you’ll realize that there’s a whole world out there, but I hope these moments when it was just us will always stay in your very core.”

Janella Salvador

Amid her showbiz hiatus, Janella and Trevor Peterson welcomed their baby boy, Jude, in December of 2021. As an ode to her fans and to fellow new moms, Janella has been transparent about getting back into showbiz while taking care of her son, as she shared that she had undergone liposuction to help with a slimmer figure.

“Of course, gaining weight is totally normal after giving birth… but there comes a time where you want to be healthy and regain your strength,” Janella shared on social media in September. “My goal has always been to be strong enough to take care of the household so I did not want to resort to unhealthy crash diets.”

She went on to share that she was approache by Dra. Vicky Belo, but refused the offer at first: “I was afraid. But after many talks and getting assurance from her, I gave in. Best decision ever. I can’t thank her and [Dr. Hayden Kho] enough for helping me jumpstart my journey back to sexy and for giving me back my confidence.”

Now, Janella is set to portray the iconic snake nemesis Valentina in the upcoming Darna series opposite Jane de Leon.

Korina Sanchez

When you’re in journalism and your husband is in politics, it can be a difficult task to raise kids, let alone twins. But Korina Sanchez proves that she’s a modern woman by juggling it all.

Korina and Mar Roxas welcomed their babies, Pepe and Pilar in 2019 through gestational surrogacy in the United States and she has since been a hand-on mom to the twin toddlers.

Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo

Every couple goes through its ups and downs, but having your issues out in the open makes for a difficult predicament. Luckily, doctorsHayden Kho and Vicki Belo are one of the strongest couples in the industry – and their daughter Scarlet Snow Belo is a testament of that great love.

In an interview with Modern Parenting, Hayden shared how being “intentional parents” completely changed their worldview: “I’m very intentional when it comes to my parenting.”

“By intentional, I mean really talking about and living out the values and the priorities that I want her (Scarlet) to learn. Because I don’t want others—culture, media, friends, external or extended family, to teach her that stuff. So in that sense, I’m very intentional.”

JC Intal and Bianca Gonzalez

Though they met when JC was a rising basketball star and Bianca a budding host, this couple has gone through a number of personal and professional phases to get where they are. Now, they’re also learning to be more hands-on parents amid the pandemic.

Speaking with Modern Parenting, Bianca shared how the pandemic changed their parenting styles to their two young girls, Carmen and Lucia: “We never got to just hang out and do our own things together. Now that we’re just at home, the quality time we spend with the kids is just great.”

“The girls ask JC to draw and color, or we’ll play music and dance or cook.”

Luane Dy

There’s a silent battle known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and Unang Hirit host Luane Dy had to push through the sickness to welcome baby Jose Christiano with her husband Carlo Gonzalez.

With PCOS being a serious hormonal disorder, Luane had to get an emergency Cesarean Section (SC) a month before baby Jose was due, but she pushed through out of pure love.

“Hindi ako puwede na kagaya ng ibang mommy na nag-home birth, kasi high risk ako. Kailangan talaga siya sa hospital kasi, time is very essential,” Luane shared.


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