Modern Parenting Presents: 12 Stylish Parents Raising Their Kids In Style

Modern Parenting Presents: 12 Stylish Parents Raising Their Kids In Style


We found 12 fashionable parents in Modern Parenting’s The 100 List who have been raising their kids in style. Find out who they are.

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For Modern Parenting’s first special print issue, they showcase 100 inspiring stories about parenting, resilience, faith, coping, and staying positive despite the challenging times. Each of the stories look into an inspiring parent’s life. After reading through the stories, we’ve noticed 12 familiar mothers who are not only beacons of light for their families, but also heavy hitting names in the fashion and entertainment industry.

These 12 parents were able to tackle raising a family, while working in a fast-paced work environment during a very troubling global pandemic. They’ve proven to not only be great at what they do, but also great at managing all the ups and downs of familial life. To top it all off, they do all of this while staying undeniable chic. These mothers are known for their off duty looks, glamorous makeovers, and stunning collection of clothing.

There’s no doubt about it that these 12 fashionable mothers deserve a spot in The 100 List of Modern Parenting. Without further ado, meet the 12 fashion modern parents who made The 100 List.

Kelly Misa Fernandez
Filipina model and TV host

Patty Ang
Filipina fashion designer

Vanessa Matsunaga
Filipino-Brazilian model, actress, and host

Camille Ongpauco
Filipina entrepreneur behind Vitasense and Luxelle under Pure Living

Camille Co-Koro
Filipino-Chinese social media influencer and blogger

Vania Romoff
Filipina fashion designer

Divine Lee
Filipina model, entrepreneur, blogger, and TV host

Denise Aquino-Posadas
Filipina entrepreneur behind Tokyo Posh

Michelle Takijima
Filipino-Japanese entrepreneur behind Tokyo Glam

Tricia Centenera
Filipino-Spanish host, entrepreneur, and social media influencer

Kryz Uy
Filipina social media influencer and blogger

Kai Lim
Filipino-Japanese entrepreneur behind Cura V

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