Moonlit Hope: Nica Alelis on Motherhood and Establishing Luna Aura

Moonlit Hope: Nica Alelis on Motherhood and Establishing Luna Aura


Nica Alelis breaks down the ins and outs of being a mother in two aspects—work and life

Gone are the days of women getting publicly shamed and theoretically crucified for having both a family and a job. In modern times, being a working mom is not frowned upon. Instead, it’s supported and even encouraged, which is what Nica Alelis experiences as she lives her life as a mother and businesswoman, being the founder of Luna Aura, a health and beauty brand in the local market that offers quality supplements with globally-sourced ingredients.

A glowing origin story

Growing up, Nica already had the blood of an entrepreneur running through her veins. This is simply because she is part of the family that brought the ever-so-popular Pampanga’s Best to fruition, so it’s not a surprise that she came up with her own brand. Enter: Luna Aura, a brand born from the belief that health and beauty can’t be separated.

Like with any new mom, thinking of a name for your child is a very crucial moment. Besides, they’re going to have that name for the rest of their lives and it’s all thanks to you. In Nica’s case, figuring out what to call her business was as meaningful as the name itself. “We wanted a name that conveyed a specific kind of radiance, a glow that’s both subdued and captivating.” She tapped into one of the biggest inspirations in her life—the moon. While the sun may shine brighter than anything else in the world, the moon glows in its own way, with a certain type of mystery that draws one in at night.

“We create hope, the ever-elusive yet essential belief in your self-worth.”

Nica explains the vision of Luna Aura

Not only that, but it also represents Nica’s characteristics, adding, “The moon is symbolic of my personality: simple, unassuming, silently reflectingthe light of those around her, and subtly moving the tides.” Because of this, Luna Aura came about.

Creeping in the silence

It was in 2021 when Nica had the opportunity to make her dream come true—or at least take baby steps in ensuring it blossoms into existence. “A confluence of ability, availability, and opportunity allowed me to take the first steps in making my dream a reality.” Months later, in 2022, Nica and the team behind the brand started working on it constantly, with excitement and optimism by their side.

“The best way to describe it would be to compare it to the birth of another child.”

On launching her own brand

Since the building of the brand was happening in the middle of a global pandemic, struggles of any kind were to be expected. This includes taking their marketing strategy to different routes. They had experience in business and fast moving consumer goods, and their expertise in promoting their products came in the form of traditional marketing. However, it was during the pandemic that social media, specifically platforms like TikTok, boosted like crazy. Brand promotion suddenly became even more fast paced and competitive, especially in the beauty industry with other brands popping up left and right. Knowing that they had to adjust and learn quickly, they did what they could to overcome their lack of experience “by putting in the work everyday.”

A balancing act

Having a child and becoming a parent is already a full- time job in itself, and adding a business on top of it is a whole ‘nother level. For Nica, even having 24 hours a day is not enough to accomplish everything, which makes having as much help as she could, both in work and at home, important. This is to ensure that she’s still happy about what she’s doing, leading to a sense of fulfillment brought about by situations like online interactions with their users, wherein they receive positive feedback about how Luna Aura’s meticulously crafted supplements boost their confidence, improve their overall health, and simply let them be the best version of themselves.

To be able to actually handle everything as best as she could, Nica acknowledged that time management is key. “[It’s] so that everything and everyone gets the time and attention they need.” Besides, she’s always wanted to be a mom, apart from the dream of owning her own company, so it only makes sense to have a practical and realistic way of balancing both her roles. And if receiving positive feedback from their customers is what brings her joy as a brand owner, then seeing her children thrive on their own is what tugs her heartstrings as a mom.

“Witnessing their unique personalities develop is the best part of motherhood.”

Nica shares what she loves most about being a mom

When asked if she sees her kids taking over the Luna Aura empire in the future, the mom of two specified that she and her husband JC would welcome it, but the decision is entirely theirs and theirs alone. “They have their own talents and interests, and our priority [as their parents] is to cultivate those. Still, we would not be surprised if they would like to be more involved in [the company] in the future. At such a young age, our daughter Hope has already shown that she is business-minded. Atticus, on the other hand, wants to be a doctor, and we would support him wholeheartedly if that’s what he wants to pursue.”

Her next chapter

As with any imaginative, forward-thinking person, it’s only natural to dream, pray, and hope for a fruitful future that is brimming with nothing but opportunities for growth and fulfillment. In the context of possibly entering a new venture, Nica Alelis shared that right now, she just plans on expanding Luna Aura, along with the vision that it becomes the top-of-mind local brand of health and beauty aficionados in the country.

As for what’s next? She simply said, “We are set on keeping our heads down, hands busy, and feet on the ground.”

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