More Than a Musical, Hamilton is a Tale of Diversity, Purpose, and History

More Than a Musical, Hamilton is a Tale of Diversity, Purpose, and History


At their Manila press conference, the cast of Hamilton shared their personal connections to the musical and the myriad of meanings it holds

In the quest for uncovering life’s ultimate purpose, one may find it as elusive as a fleeting heartbeat, a sentiment echoed by the cast of Hamilton. In a gesture of gratitude and connection with their Filipino audience, the ensemble, led by Jason Arrow, Rachelle Ann Go, DeAundre’ Woods, Akina Edmonds, and Darnell Abraham, took center stage to engage with the media and delved into the profound significance of this production in their lives, expressing a collective desire for the musical to serve as a source of inspiration for all who experience it.

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Plot perfection

Akina Edmonds and Darnell Abraham hamilton

Since Hamilton dazzled Broadway’s stage in August 2015, it’s been a non-stop whirlwind of acclaim, with a trophy shelf brimming with Tonys, a Grammy, and even a Pulitzer Prize for Drama. This theatrical masterpiece, orchestrated by the genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, weaves the narrative of Alexander Hamilton into a symphony of hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and show-stopping melodies. As it graces the Philippines, Miranda couldn’t help but acknowledge the Filipino artists in the global “Hamilton pamilya,” including the talents of Marc dela Cruz, Karla Puno Garcia, and Christina Glur lighting up Broadway, while Rachelle Anne Go and Christine Allado added their shine to London’s West End.

Embracing life’s purpose

Rachelle Ann Go

When asked about their desires for the Filipino audience to take away from this musical, the ensemble expressed a symphony of individual aspirations, yet they all harmonized on one key note—imbuing the audience with the spark of purpose. 

Jason yearns for this production to be a mirror, revealing life’s intrinsic imperfections. He beautifully explains the idea that we are capable of both virtuous deeds and human lapses, for such is the meaning of existence. Meanwhile, Rachelle finds herself awakened by this show, realizing the significance of etching a lasting legacy. With elegance, she stated, “One of the messages that I want to share with everyone is we are like specks of dust in this crazy world. And why not make a mark?”

Celebrating diversity

Akina's message about diversity

MEGA delved into the minds of the cast, probing the significance of presenting diverse and inclusive shows like Hamilton to global audiences. Akina answered that more than their diverse backgrounds, it’s about celebrating their gifts that deserve their moment in the spotlight. “The thing about diverse shows and what Hamilton is continuing to do is [that] the talent and the skill that is beyond what we used to see is now being showcased,” she explained. 

Darnell shared his thoughts by reminiscing the first preview of their performance that left a huge impact on his soul. He elaborated that he is proud to bring the story of a family with a distinctive cultural heritage and spread that joy across borders. “It’s [a] common story, and so I think there is also the beauty of that. It’s not just allegorical. I think it’s quite literal that we’re able to share this story with the Filipino audience.” 

Discussing the past

Hamilton cast

The members also opened up about the overwhelming number of criticism they’ve gracefully weathered while unveiling a transformative moment in history. With unshakeable resolve, Darnell’s next words echoed with power, stating, “It’s an ongoing conversation. And I think that’s the beauty, you know? The tables are big enough for all of us to have a seat at the table. And this isn’t about erasing history or trying to change history, but rather this is about making history and celebrating history for what it is.”

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Photography KIERAN PUNAY

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