Moschino Champions Optimism In Their Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Moschino Champions Optimism In Their Spring/Summer 2023 Collection


In their own interpretation of optimism and positivity, Moschino releases their Spring/Summer collection filled with vivid hues and quirky details.

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Art has a way of speaking in its own language. It’s an instrument that transcends words yet never fails to evoke emotions. And as the world slowly transitions back to what it once was, designers utilized the power of art to create pieces that counter the gloom and issues we are still facing today. 

Amidst the circumstances and challenges, there is still joy and positivity that we can still grasp. This is the very notion Moschino creative director, Jeremy Scott, wanted to deliver in their new Spring/Summer collection titled, Donna. 

Photography by Marco Ovando

The collection itself has a life of its own as it plays out the day. Daytime hours call for a range of boxy silhouettes and sporty dresses— making us recall the early days of the 80s. Quirky and eye-catching details were added such as inflated hems and blown up hearts that reimagines the famed Moschino icon. 

Transitioning from black, the line slowly introduced a range of dynamic colors with a touch of formality that perfectly captures the afternoon vibe. Suit coordinates donned in bright hues of red, yellow, and blue create a rather bold statement while the prints make quite a playful impression. 

As the day ends, a range of evening dresses and gowns makes their entrance into the runway. In contrast with the usual evening gown design, Moschino headed for a dramatic and witty style as they utilized inflatables as boleros, accessories, and capes. 

After the show, we got an exclusive look at what happens during the fittings as style setter Heart Evangelista visited for an appointment. 

Photography by Justin Louise Soriano
Photography by Justin Louise Soriano
Photography by Justin Louise Soriano

More so, Moschino’s Spring/Summer collection contrasts the negativity with a ray of sunshine— it’s amidst the hardship that we can truly appreciate the power of joy. Experience the world of Moschino as they launch their pop-up located at Greenbelt 5, Makati City.

Discover more about Moschino’s Spring/Summer collection on their website

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