Here Are The Most Comfortable and Chic Heels From Local Designers

Here Are The Most Comfortable and Chic Heels From Local Designers


Turn heads while taking up the space you deserve via the shoe collections of these two local designers.

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The name Puey Quiñones will forever be synonymous to couture. His fabric play paired with his understanding of the woman’s form has always exuded fashion that is on another level. Add to this his play of colors and textures, one can say that Quiñones is one of the most creative Filipino designers of his generation.

His talent gained international acclaim and soon enough, partnerships bloomed. One of these is his partnership with Los Angeles-based shoe brand, Lenny Lu. Together with Quiñones they designed a collection of heels that are colorful, stylish and most importantly, comfortable. Meant for women who value both style and comfort, Lenny Lu and Quiñones designed pieces that focused on the fun of color-blocking with the femininity of the use of silk. This resulted in pieces that can easily adapt to any woman’s style. For their next collection the duo is now getting into flats from chic pointed pieces to easy sneakers.

Have a look at their latest collaboration at


We know the Vania Romoff woman to be someone who values chic and timeless style. Through the designer’s creations many women stand out without much effort. This time Romoff furthers this narrative via her new collection of footwear. “I wanted the perfect everyday heel” she shares.

Coming from the pandemic that made the designer cut down on production, Romoff pivoted on to making RTW collections that are practical yet still having that signature Vania Romoff timelessness. This included loungewear as well as masks and chic protective outerwear. And now that people are ready to head out in safety, Romoff focuses on footwear that are beautiful yet practical. All made from vegan leather, and proudly created by Filipino craftsmen, the shoes come in two designs: two-strap and multi-strap. Both come in different neutral shades and heels that are a great balance between uplifting heels and comfortable flats.

Check out the collection at

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