Movie Review: The Charlie’s Angels Reboot Is The Bad-Ass Feminine Energy We Need Right Now

Movie Review: The Charlie’s Angels Reboot Is The Bad-Ass Feminine Energy We Need Right Now


If you think there’s no need for a Charlie’s Angel reboot, well think again, because the new set of angels are off on a new mission and everyone needs to see this kick-ass, revisiting of a necessary classic.

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When I first heard that Charlie’s Angels was going to have a remake, I got high hopes of seeing everything I wish could’ve happened in the first few films. I bet you still have that crystal clear memory of how the power trio—Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu ruled over women empowerment with their fiery action scenes in McG’s Charlie’s Angels that have set the standards that pervade well even after nine years. As we took a trip to the Townsend agency in the reboot, we might be close to finally meeting the highly elusive Charlie.

Right off the bat, there’s no surprising twist of events. Straightforward as it is, Charlie’s Angels battles on a mission, captures the bad guy, and works closely with authorities and Bosley. But, not all Bosleys are for them to trust. As you go along the film, you face another character misconception caused by an utter betrayal that’s going on internally.

Apart from Elizabeth Banks and Kristen Stewart, the 2019 Charlie’s Angels establishes rising stars, which had a solid portrayal of their roles and turned to be a pretty good team of three, which I honestly liked. Each of them had a sharp representation of their personalities. While Naomi Scott, who co-created Calisto, takes on the responsibility of figuring out data and all the clever tasks, Kristen and Ella Balinska initially do the physical combat with the smugglers. You’re not seeing any hint of Bella Swan here because it’s a whole new character for Stewart. We know she can handle fight scenes, but get this, she’s especially funny in this film, too.

Despite setting a modish production design for the film, it quickly becomes impressive and jaw-dropping when the angels walked us into the closet and we get to see their re-imagined lethal weapons to taking panoramic landscapes of Istanbul. (You’ll easily get reminded of Scott’s role in Aladdin when she stayed in a patio that features a scenic backdrop of Istanbul.) The film really takes feminism with a firm grip and smacks it down as a standout authority fit for the modern times and even beyond. This really is what makes the film what it is, by highlighting women as figures of can-do, no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners kind of bad-ass, it becomes clear that they too can headline a mission and see it through just as the men do, or heck, even better if we may say so ourselves.

With this brimming with energy all-ladies team, the power of women came out more natural than ever with the help of their charming and carefree outlook. Elizabeth Banks mixed in the right amount of montages, seductive blitz, exploits, and explosive fight scenes. And hold on to your seats because there’s more exclusive offerings such as cameos that will make you go whoa, whoa, and whoa.

Watch the 2019 Charlie’s Angels official trailer here 

Charlie’s Angels is now showing in Philippine cinemas. 

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