Muscle and Joint Pain, and Its All-Natural Solutions

Muscle and Joint Pain, and Its All-Natural Solutions


Learn more about everyday ailments like muscle and joint pain, as well as how to treat them with natural remedies

From living an active lifestyle, you may have encountered the common exercise motto: “No pain, no gain.” It’s how we justify and rationalize the soreness and aches we feel after a long, intensive workout. Additionally, when you’re aware of the source of your aches and track how long they last, you understand your body better and could build a sustainable workout plan around it.

The muscle pain you feel could be short-term or it could be chronic. This pain could come from autoimmune diseases, medications, injuries, or other conditions, but if you’ve just tried a new physical activity or changed your exercise routine, you could simply be experiencing delayed-onset muscle soreness. Running a marathon all of a sudden after only jogging short distances, for example, can be the source of the soreness. And, as the exercise motto suggests, this soreness could be a sign of your muscles healing and getting stronger hours after the workout.

On the other hand, overusing or repeatedly using a muscle could lead to joint pain. Notably, there are many other factors that contribute to joint pain, such as age, previous injuries, physical conditions like arthritis, and mental conditions like depression. One of the recommendations for relieving joint pain is exercise, but that could seem counterproductive if that very activity is the root cause. As a result, you’d have to scale back your intensive workouts or do low-impact aerobic exercises instead so you don’t worsen the pain.

With that said, there are easy, topical solutions that you can utilize to ease your pain and get you back up to top working conditions without disrupting your routine.

Natural remedies to consider

One great example of a natural pain remedy is a blend of essential oils massaged into the skin to ease aches and pains. One company known for such Puressentiel, which has a Muscles and Joints product line. There, you can find products like the best-selling Muscles & Joints Roll-On, along with massage oils, gels, capsules, soothing balms, and heating patches. These products are perfect for athletes and those suffering from acute or chronic muscle and joint pain as they immediately relieve aches, reduce stiffness, and soothe muscle contractions.

Notably, Puressential’s products are not only ethically and sustainably made, but they are also naturally sourced. For example, Muscles and Joints Roll-On and Gel are made of 14 essential oils, namely Cajuput, Roman Camomile, Clove, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, Juniper, Lavandin, Marjoram, Peppermint, Niaouli, Nutmeg, Pine, Rosemary, and Turpentine.

Alternatively, you can opt to use transdermal magnesium as its helpful in relieving muscle aches and improving overall well-being, and even athletic performance. For this, you can consider Midas Magnesium’s Magnesium Chloride Roll-On or spray. This company uses naturally sourced Magnesium Chloride from Australia for its roll-on and spray products, which are primed for easy application on-the-go, making them convenient for use before and after workouts.

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