Music and Motion: How These Two Different Artists Collaborated for a Special Project

Music and Motion: How These Two Different Artists Collaborated for a Special Project


Creatives take center stage in this feature in partnership between MEGA and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series to showcase how two different genres of art can merge to reveal an epic masterpiece worth sharing 

Whether by the nature-rich coastlines on the capital outskirts, or deep within the concrete jungle of high-rises and packed highways, creativity can come anywhere, at any time. There can’t be a place too remote or too busy for inspiration to not strike. In fact, two artists managed to prove this through a collaborative project that hit all the right notes. The end product was simply astounding, but the story that preceded it was even more intriguing.

From Pen to pentatonic

As a singer and songwriter, Dana grabs ideas for her projects from all corners of her life. Living in a tropical paradise by the ocean’s waters, she gets most of her inspiration from themes of nature and good times with friends.

No matter where inspiration takes her, this free spirit brings her Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G, a digital diary she begins every journey with. Her tablet is clipped with the Note View Cover, allowing Dana to grab her S Pen to quickly draft bars, rhymes, and stories she can apply to her next track. As someone who spends just as much time on the desk writing as she does on the mic recording, having the paper-like, touch-sensitive Note View Cover lets her write without restraint.

“I document everything in Samsung Notes on my Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G—my thoughts, emotions, and most treasured memories—before sharing them with the world.”


With every new production, and with a strong aspiration to improve her craft, she needs a partner who can spark new life into her music. Luckily, an animator hard at work to make it big in the city was able to add a visual twist to her lyrical genius.

Making moves

Nestled in her safe haven high in the sky, Kym has the freedom to go wild with her concepts for new artworks. Her surroundings keep her inspired—walking around town and trying out new experiences, glancing outside her balcony for fresh air, and taking advantage of all the tech in her studio. In fact, it was through a quick search online through her Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G that she was able to find Dana.

“I’m always on the lookout for exciting collaborations, and this project with my favorite independent artist works perfectly.”


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After a Google Duo call, Kym immediately got to work on her Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G using her S Pen, putting every note into strokes. She has a whole suite of apps and an ecosystem that works for her—Clip Studio Paint with natural brushes, splitting the canvas and palette between her tablet and smartphone respectively, and even referencing Dana’s track through her Galaxy Buds2. The interpretation is mesmerizing, with dancing ladies and a technicolor wonderland telling a story of togetherness, especially viewed on the large 14.6” screen of her tablet.

This is what it means to collaborate in perfect harmony, crossing borders, and merging genres. The music and motion that intertwine carries a quality that looks to be studio-worthy, but all it took was a pair of dedicated artists, and a galaxy of epic devices that bring ideas to life.

You can watch the lyrical and visual opus, along with the story that made it possible, here:

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