Must-Have Cycling Activewear and Accessories For Beginner Cyclists

Must-Have Cycling Activewear and Accessories For Beginner Cyclists


Here’s a list of cycling essentials that are beginner-friendly and will keep you safe and comfortable while riding

Whether you’re a beginner or a novice, everyone needs the right supplies and attire to make it through a long cycling journey. Apart from comfort, the temperature and the environment should also factor into what you bring and wear. This may not occur to some beginners who jump into the sport without prior knowledge or research. So, to guide you on this new endeavor, here are some essentials you shouldn’t overlook before going on your first bike ride.

Bike helmets

Helmets are, of course, a necessity when it comes to biking, whether it be on a paved road or on mountainous terrain. Most importantly, it’s not just about style and price. Finding the right helmet that is both comfortable and efficient is a must because it would determine the level of injury you’ll be in should an incident occur during your ride. Not only that, but you’ll need more than one type of helmet depending on what environment you’ll be biking in and what purpose your biking is for. 

For instance, you’ll need a helmet specifically designed for road biking when you’re cycling on pavements because those are designed lightweight and aerodynamic. With that said, consider helmets made by Giro, Specialized, or Liv Cycling. Their helmets are sleek, designed precisely for road biking, and well-ventilated to give riders thermoregulation benefits, which will also be important given the heat you’re sure to experience while on the road.

Meanwhile, mountain bike helmets are designed not only to be well-ventilated, but to also provide more rear-head coverage since mountain bikers are more likely to fall backward than road cyclists. For these, consider the highly-rated helmets from Oakley or Smith as they’re known to be comfortable and effective on mountainous terrains.

Shorts, jerseys, and jackets

While you have to prioritize your safety when considering your choice of a helmet, you then have to take into consideration comfort and utility above all else when picking out your clothes. For example, padded shorts will mitigate the pain you’re sure to feel on your backside on long bike journeys. For these reasons, consider the bib shorts offered by Rapha or those offered by dhb. In particular, Rapha’s men’s core cargo bib shorts are recommended if you’re especially looking for shorts made of breathable fabric that allows you to carry small items securely. Meanwhile, dhb’s Moda women’s classic bib shorts are soft, stretchy, and promise a balance between technical performance and support.

Apart from wearing padding for your backside, you should also dress for the temperature you will ride in. If you’re going to bike in warm weather, you should dress in shorts and a jersey, and moisture-absorbent gloves and socks to keep you cool and your handlebars free from excess sweat. You should also consider dressing in jerseys that zip down in the front and that have collars to protect your neck from the sun.

Additionally, cycling jackets will be necessary for keeping you dry in case it starts to rain while you’re out. You should also look for those that have zip-off or detachable hoods and sleeves, depending on your environment and needs. For all these, you can browse through Rapha’s or MAAP’s catalogs, as well as Castelli’s or Rei’s, specifically for their water-resistant jackets.

Cycling sunglasses

Lastly, sunglasses shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to cycling as these protect you from bugs, debris, the sun, and rain. If you’re looking for sunglasses that are impact-resistant, comfortable, adaptable, and also stylish, veteran cyclists suggest products hailing from Bollé, Oakley, and Rudy Project for some of the best unisex cycling sunglasses on the market. Also, look out for cycling sunglasses whose frames you can switch out for prescription lenses.

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