Mustache Styles That Will Change Your Grooming Game Forever

Mustache Styles That Will Change Your Grooming Game Forever


Discover five mustache styles that can redefine your look, leaving you with a more striking and memorable appearance

Far from just being strands of hair on the upper lip, the mustache emerges as a distinct element in the field of men’s grooming. Its potential for transformation is boundless, offering men a chance to explore various styles that mirror their personality. Read on and elevate your grooming routine by considering these mustache styles that go beyond convention.

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Recreating Tom Selleck's Chevron Mustache

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When it comes to mustache styles, the Chevron is a timeless classic. This thick and full upper-lip adornment is characterized by its straight horizontal appearance, covering the entire width of the upper lip. Achieve this look by simply allowing your mustache to grow naturally, periodically trimming the edges to maintain a clean and defined shape.


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The Toothbrush mustache is a distinctive style that gained fame through notable figures like Charlie Chaplin. Featuring a narrow rectangular shape above the upper lip, this style requires careful trimming and shaping to achieve its charm. To perfect it, let your facial hair grow out slightly, then meticulously shape it into a neat narrow rectangle, ensuring a clean and precise finish.


The Pencil mustache is a sleek and sophisticated style that adds a touch of refinement to your look. Distinguished by its thin, neatly groomed appearance just above the upper lip, this style demands precision. Achieve it by carefully trimming and shaping your facial hair into a narrow strip, guaranteeing it remains symmetrical and well-defined.


The Handlebar style is a bold and expressive choice that curls at the ends, resembling the handlebars of a vintage bicycle. To master this suave look, let your mustache grow out and then use a quality mustache wax to shape the ends into distinctive curls. Regular grooming is also essential to maintain the shape and keep your mustache looking polished and distinguished.



How To Style An English Mustache

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The English mustache exudes a sense of refinement and old-world charm. With its slightly curved ends and a clean center, this style requires meticulous grooming. Trim your mustache to a moderate length, allowing the ends to gently curve upwards. Use a small amount of wax to style the ends, creating a subtle yet distinguished arch, evoking the timeless elegance of English gentlemen.

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