Myx Chanel Mothers Hard as MEGA Drag Pride Party 2024’s Host in Their Pearl Corset

Myx Chanel Mothers Hard as MEGA Drag Pride Party 2024’s Host in Their Pearl Corset


The Philippine Drag Supernova shows us how to be a show-stopping act at the MEGA Drag Pride Party 2024

They’re beauty, they’re grace, and they definitely made Sabrina Carpenter eat her heart out with that performance and snatched face! At the MEGA Drag Pride Party 2024, Myx Chanel brought their own dramatic flair onto the rainbow carpet and stage as the evening’s host and opening performer. In an exclusive interview with MEGA Drag, they share all the details about their look, glam, and performance—a spectrum show of skill and style, indeed.

Myx Chanel hosts the Luxe Battle Royale at MEGA Drag Pride Party 2024
Myx Chanel did a double act at the MEGA Drag Pride Party as the host and opening performance

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Mothering in Her Look

It’s hard to pick a single Myx Chanel moment—but undoubtedly, this is one of their best. Their all-white fabulous frock was a powerful move at MEGA Drag’s first and largest celebration of drag culture. Despite the lack of colors, they turned heads and personified all the makings of a perfect drag look: camp, glossy, and striking.

The queen admits, however, that the all-white dress code was initially a challenge: “I panicked a bit because I don’t wear a lot of white clothing. Drag queens and white don’t usually mix—one wrong move at magiging shroud of turin ka. So, I contacted Job Dacon because I’m a fan of their creations, and binida niya agad sa‘kin ‘tong ‘Mother of Pearl’ corset.”

Myx Chanel wears Job Dacon’s Mother of Pearl corset at the MEGA Ball Pride Party 2024
The Philippine Drag Supernova donned a Job Dacon “Mother of Pearl” corset for their look

Myx Chanel gagged the party in this ensemble, serving pure glamor and finesse. The dramatic trail added a theatrical and extravagant touch, turning it into a show-stopping look. Drag fashion is equal parts exceptional fantasy and technicality to shape the statement or story of the wearer. As one of the unsung heroes and go-to designers in the community, Job Dacon perfected the beautiful symbiosis of drag and fashion for the drag queen’s look. Myx Chanel channeled both meanings of Pride that Filipinos celebrate this month—Pinoy Pride and LGBTQIA+ Pride—a true mothering act in their lustrous Mother of Pearl fit.

Myx Chanel channeled Sabrina Carpenter in their opening act

“Of course, as a host, the pressure was on me to look presentable, but also to attract attention,” Myx Chanel tells MEGA Drag. “And when I saw this garment in person, I immediately fell in love with the details. Coincidentally as well, it reminded me of the songs that I’ve been wanting to perform for a while now.”

Staging Her Performance

Taking off from a medley of meanings with their all-white extravaganza look, the drag queen did the same with their opening performance. The songs in question? Sabrina Carpenter’s “Nonsense” and “Feather.” The ensemble, then, is apt, as the Pop Princess is known for her flirty, fun, and feminine style, often in mini-dresses, mini-skirts, and embellished corsets.

Myx Chanel embodied that same energy and added their own signature touch and flair to the performance. “Sabrina has been one of my go-to pop girls lately,” they say. “And when I saw the outfit, I decided to do this number to match the feminine, heavenly bodies vibe.”

Myx Chanel in Job Dacon’s Mother of Pearl corset all-white extravaganza
The drag queen grooved to the medley of “Nonsense” and “Feather

So let it be known that Myx Chanel knows how to put on a show. Full of vim and vigor, the Philippine Drag Supernova took command of the stage with powerful movements that went on par Sabrina’s on-stage groove, but still with their own big twist. The catchy medley was what the crowd needed to start their energies and sustain them right before the Luxe Battle Royale. “I wanted to keep things lighthearted and perform what I think are upcoming gay anthem classics,” the queen says.

The Philippine Drag Supernova channeled Sabrina Carpenter as the host and performer
How to keep the crowd alive? Serve face, style, and skill

Serving Glamorous Face

All eyes were on Myx Chanel as they held the hosting baton. That meant having a perfect mug intact to keep them looking fabulous and fresh all night long. “The basic principle of the usual Myx Chanel face is keeping my highlights very strong, as I wanted to look like I had the spotlight on me at all times,” they shared. “I also wanted it to be quite graphic but still blended. I matched my transformation with my outfit too—making it soft and heavenly to complement the Job Dacon details, and sweet and feminine as a nod to Sabrina Carpenter.”

The essence of their drag personality is emphasized in their glam—big, alluring, and confident. In the intricate artistry of drag makeup, Myx Chanel continues to prove that they have refined the craft.

Myx Chanel serves face with an attention to highlights at the MEGA Ball Pride Party 2024 host
The secret to their snatched look? Highlights, layering colors, and graphic lines

Now a queen with skilled understanding of the art of the drag face, they share their secret—passing on the tips as a “mothering” mother. “Layer colors for every step. I am infamous for using three to four colors for every step of my base makeup, and blending it all together to create a saturated but seamless look. Another thing is to be very intentional with graphic lines, because they can draw a lot of attention to that specific part of the face. Lastly, build on the basic requirements for your signature glam—then that’s how you serve a drag supernova look.”



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