Anne Curtis and Nadine Lustre Shine at Their Debut Paris Fashion Week

Anne Curtis and Nadine Lustre Shine at Their Debut Paris Fashion Week


Anne Curtis and Nadine Lustre make their mark in the glittering world of Paris Fashion Week, celebrating Filipino talent on the global stage

There are few events as prestigious and influential as Paris Fashion Week. It’s the grand stage where designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts from around the globe converge to celebrate the latest trends, innovative designs, and sartorial artistry. Against this backdrop of glamour and creativity, two actresses, Anne Curtis, and Nadine Lustre, recently embarked on a journey that would mark a milestone in their careers and contribute significantly to the representation of Filipino talent on the global fashion map.

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Anne Curtis, style-setter

Anne Curtis made heads turn at Paris Fashion Week. She graced the runways of renowned brands like Loewe, Hermès, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, AZ Factory, and the prestigious BoF 500 Gala. 

anne curtis paris fashion week loewe

At Loewe, Anne embodied a true goddess in a white soapy silk satin draped dress, adorned with a detachable metal sphere brooch designed by Jonathan Anderson. This stunning ensemble was a testament to Anne’s keen fashion sense and her ability to make a bold fashion statement. She was joined by Bryanboy, who introduced her to the creative director, and even ran into fellow fashion enthusiast Heart Evangelista, who sported a Loewe logo tank top and khaki-colored shorts.

bryanboy paris fashion week loewe
loewe heart evangelista pfw paris fashion week

Her next stop was Hermès, where Anne showed her readiness for the fall season. She donned a burgundy sweater paired with a pleated skirt in a matching hue, accentuated by a belt chain, courtesy of designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski. The look was completed with a mini-brown Kelly bag, highlighting Anne’s attention to detail and her knack for pulling off an ideal ensemble.

paris fashion week hermes

Transitioning to the vibrant AZ Factory show, Anne embraced spring vibes in a floral mini jumpsuit with fringe at the bodice. She showcased the Dahlia look from the brand’s new collection, showing support for Filipino designer Norman Rene’ De Vera, who co-creative directs the brand alongside Peter Movrin. This choice reflected Anne’s commitment to promoting Filipino talent on the global stage.

pfw anne curtis az factory

For the Valentino show by Pierpaolo Piccioli, Anne opted for a black mini dress paired with a matching blazer. However, this was no ordinary black ensemble. Her outfit featured a captivating 3D pattern of flowers that breathed life into the entire look. To further elevate her ensemble, Anne added a metallic green shoulder bag, adding a touch of contrast and a dash of contemporary flair to her overall appearance. The metallic hue served as the perfect complement to the black attire, creating a visual balance that enhanced the modern minimalism of her outfit.

During her time at Louis Vuitton, Anne Curtis continued to captivate with her fashion choices, exuding an aura of simple yet chic elegance. Her ensemble for the occasion featured a tweed dress adorned with triangular designs enveloping her bodice. This choice showcased Anne’s ability to embrace understated sophistication while still making a memorable statement. The intricate patterns on the dress added an element of intrigue to her overall look. She opted for a Petite Malle Capitale bag, which perfectly complemented the ensemble and added a touch of Louis Vuitton luxury to her outfit. Her choice of boots added a modern edge, proving that you don’t always have to go all-out to make a fashion statement.

anne curtis louis vuitton paris fashion week

At the BoF 500 Gala, a gathering of fashion’s most influential figures, Anne chose to shine bright like a diamond. She wore a crystal-encrusted Valentino gown, where the upper part of the bodice was adorned with glimmering gems. The straps led to an exquisite x-cross design at the back, making her a radiant presence at this illustrious event.

paris fashion week bof anne curtis valentino

Amidst her whirlwind tour of fashion shows, Anne also took time to catch up with friends, including the likes of Pia Wurtzbach. Her impeccable fashion choices, expressive presence, and informed style were on full display throughout the event. From her goddess-like appearance at LOEWE to her modern minimalism at Valentino and her chic simplicity at Louis Vuitton, Anne Curtis demonstrated her ability to adapt and shine in the diverse landscape of high fashion.

paris fashion week pia wurtzbach, bryanboy, anne curtis, and nadine lustre az factory

Nadine Lustre lusters in style

Joining Anne Curtis in making a striking fashion statement was Nadine Lustre. Known for her edgy taste and contemporary style, Nadine graced the Parisian boulevards with her unique presence.

At the Roger Vivier showcase, Nadine wore a metallic silver dress crafted by Filipino designer Job Dacon. Her choice not only highlighted her penchant for elegance but also showcased Filipino design talent. By choosing a creation from the repertoire of Job Dacon, Nadine not only highlighted her own affinity for elegance but also celebrated and showcased the extraordinary pool of Filipino design talent on the grand international stage of fashion.

nadine lustre job dacon Paris fashion week

For Yohji Yamamoto, Nadine made a bold fashion move by donning a deconstructed coat jacket that perfectly encapsulated the designer’s distinct identity. The look is reflective of the brand’s visual outlook, mirroring the unique and unconventional aesthetic that Yohji Yamamoto is renowned for. It spoke of asymmetry, unexpected angles, and deliberate disarray that, when combined, form a balanced whole that makes sense.

nadine lustre yohji yamamoto Paris fashion week

Anne Curtis and Nadine Lustre’s inaugural appearance at Paris Fashion Week undoubtedly constituted a resounding success. Their sartorial selections, complemented by their captivating presence, etched a memorable mark on the grand stage of fashion. These two stars not only celebrated the rich and vibrant heritage of our country’s fashion scene but also underscored their innate ability to dazzle among the crème de la crème of the world’s fashion elite. They brought a touch of Filipino creativity and elegance to this illustrious event, and through them, we’ll always have Paris. 

Photos: ANNE CURTIS and NADINE LUSTRE (via Instagram)
Photography ALAIN LABABIT (Nadine)

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