Nadine Lustre, Heaven Peralejo, and Julia Barretto on Why Being a Calendar Girl Goes Beyond Baring Skin

Nadine Lustre, Heaven Peralejo, and Julia Barretto on Why Being a Calendar Girl Goes Beyond Baring Skin


These women boldly illustrated that posing for a calendar is a declaration, showcasing a depth that extends far beneath the surface

In a world that often reduces girls to mere outward appearances, the empowerment of women stretches far beyond the superficial. It goes beyond baring skin, encapsulating strength, resilience, and the celebration of individuality. This truth is vividly exemplified as Nadine Lustre, Julia Baretto, and Heaven Peralejo step into the spotlight as the latest calendar girls. Read on and discover why their respective launches serve as a powerful representation of their courage, independence, and the multifaceted essence that sets them apart.

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Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre is Paraiso's calendar girl
Nadine gracing the launch of her calendar in a brown deep-V dress adorned with gold necklaces and crystal gems

Nadine Lustre embraces the role of Paraiso Beer’s first calendar girl and effortlessly exudes a naturally seductive aura while wearing a striking red bikini and a tasteful gold body chain. Beyond the visual allure, Nadine, in one of her interviews, reshapes perceptions by asserting that this endeavor is not only about defying societal norms and showcasing her late-blooming venture into such projects, but also a platform to unleash her creative prowess. In her own words, she states, “You know I am very specific with the things I do. I don’t like doing things that I am not comfortable with,” underscoring her empowered perspective and gratitude toward the brand for their collaborative approach, allowing her to take charge of certain aspects of the shoot.

Julia Baretto 

Julia Baretto is Tanduay's calendar girl
Julia dazzles in a fiery red dress by Ushi Sato

In the midst of her press conference, the question posed to Julia Barretto about the essence of being a calendar girl elicited a profound response, with her articulating, “It’s growing up. It’s about being confident in your own skin, in your flaws, and in the body you have and the person you are.” These words transcend the superficiality often associated with such projects, revealing it as a personal expedition for Barretto—one where she endeavors not only to project confidence outwardly but, more significantly, to reaffirm her own womanhood characterized by bravery, courage, and confidence. Grateful for Tanduay’s collaborative approach in both the photoshoots and calendar layout, she shared, “It was a collaborative process, and they very much valued on our end our opinions and our thoughts with the layouts that were presented. It was a lot of back and forth and a lot of collaboration. At the end of the day, I’m grateful that they involved me in the process and valued what I had to say.”

Heaven Peralejo 

Heaven Peralejo is Ginebra's calendar girl
Heaven exudes both sexiness and sophistication, draped in a spakling gold gown

Rounding off the trio, we arrive at the presence of Heaven Peralejo. Notably, her venture in the entertainment industry has been far from smooth, with numerous controversies thrown at her from time to time. Hence, when prompted about the message she aims to convey or inspire through her photoshoot, she voiced a sentiment that was both anticipated and deeply impactful: “To have this attitude of never say die na kahit anong itapon sa’yo ng mundo, lalaban ka pa rin.” Now heralded as one of the most promising actresses on the horizon, Peralejo undoubtedly embodies the bold and fearless essence of Ginebra, symbolizing strength and fortitude in the face of challenges.


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