Nadine Lustre is the New Face of barenbliss

Nadine Lustre is the New Face of barenbliss


As an ever-transformative beauty, Nadine Lustre takes on the new role of being the first Filipino ambassador of barenbliss

Nadine Lustre as the new face of Barenbliss
With grace, beauty, and elegance, Nadine Lustre is barenbliss’ new ambassador

Nadine Lustre is a name that has fronted outstanding accomplishments in the creative industry. From her passion-driven acting and singing career to her humanitarian work, she’s constantly reinvented herself but has remained true to herself. After two years, she made a musical comeback in her new single, Overgrown, where she welcomed her 30s . 

As this celebrity steps out of her comfort zone and embraces transformations, people—especially brands who share her values—can’t help but notice. Witnessing her bloom from the outside and within, renowned Korean beauty brand barenbliss has decided to choose her as their first Filipino celebrity ambassador.

Blissful moments in life

barenbliss is dedicated to making “Joyful Clean Beauty” products with makeup that accentuate the fun, bright, and youthful beauty of young people around the world. 

Barenbliss Full Bloom Matte Tint Lipstick
Speak the language of beauty with the Full Bloom Matte Tint. Source: Instagram

Lustre just happened to bring all the colors to life with her artistry. This ingenious artist is unafraid to show her life’s unfiltered and raw moments, where she celebrates pieces of herself in her works. In other words, she makes her magic with a touch of shimmer and glow that barenbliss also embodies. 

More importantly, Lustre’s purposeful work aligns with barenbliss’ philosophy—Bare Essentials, No Harm, and Bliss moments. There’s only the promise of all things natural, from the product ingredients to the branding identity. 

Similar to the artist’s continuous innovation and breakthroughs, barenbliss does the same for that surprising and pleasant beauty experience. Their carefully designed fragrance, texture, and appearance create a sensory delight that doubles the satisfaction, a rewarding treat for empowered individuals.

The power of pink

The nature of barenbliss’ design is pink. While it’s a great color, some people think it’s too much—it pops out and attracts attention. However, for barenbliss, it’s meant to invite women to embrace their strength, beauty, and femininity with a touch of their pink products. 

Barenbliss  Lucious Peach Lipgloss
Get that irresistible pout with barenbliss’ luscious Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint. Source: Instagram

Joining the barenbliss pink campaign is Lustre’s take on the power of pink, which reminds her of “playfulness, romance, sensitivity, and optimism.” It’s a color that makes her feel warm from within, opening her heart to the world’s beauty. This also resonates with barenbliss’ joyful moments in life—happiness follows when you go where your heart beats. 

While pink is often associated with femininity, Lustre begs to differ. “I believe associating colors with gender is a social construct.” 

Barenbliss Inside Cushion Powder
Achieve a flawless-matte complexion like Nadine Lustre with the True Beauty Inside Cushion

This line of thought from the multi-hyphenate explains that the colors weren’t always gender-specific. Furthermore, it welcomes the idea that anyone can enjoy pink and the fun it brings.

From championing environmental awareness to advocating for mental health, the award-winning actress has made herself responsible for many pressing social issues, so her progressive thinking is no surprise. 

“I like pushing myself to the limit. I love the uncomfortable feeling of doing things that I’m not used to or things that I’m scared of,” Lustre imparted. 

Empowerment begins when you find things that make you feel good about yourself. It may be revisiting a hobby in the past or ultimately trying something new, but whatever it is, don’t be afraid to change. 

Discover your perfect pink match by visiting barenbliss’ Facebook, Instagram, and website.

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