Nadine Lustre Fights Insecurities With Body Positivity As Weapon

Nadine Lustre Fights Insecurities With Body Positivity As Weapon


Nadine Lustre believes in her dream for a sustainable future and a body positive you.

There are two things you need to remember about Nadine Lustre—she’s a Scorpio and she’s human. Between these facts, it’s probable that you would refer more to her zodiac sign as prejudice to her nature. It’s not that surprising given that she is veritably a textbook definition of the astrological sign—passionate and assertive, as she is decisive and determined. While these facts remain, we often forget a side of her that’s already fleshed out from the very beginning: Nadine Lustre is only human. Despite her celebrity status and influence, she’s a feeling and living soul—flawed and still a work in progress.

And since we are on the topic of definitions, it can be surmised that Nadine is synonymous to summer. If her Instagram account had one hashtag it would be: #summer. Even with the passing cold season, she exudes some kind of warmth that makes every photo feel like summer never really ends for the tireless multi-hyphenate. Her life shared in photos is about life in love and adventures, all presented in aesthetic filters with little to no captions. Taking to literature and its affinity for metaphors, Nadine is warm air and the blazing sun, the sand on your toes, the water crashing on the shore, and the quiet rustling of palm trees.

Outside of the intimate café where we met, the air was still light and fresh, but the sun was smoldering. The contrast was a confused transition from cold dry periods to hot humid season. But the moment she stepped in the room, it was clear: Summer has come.

Climate Conscious

Nadine Lustre Fights Insecurities With Body Positivity As Weapon | MEGA

As summer begins to project itself on us, Nadine is busy campaigning for the environment. Using her strong influence among many Filipinos of a wide age bracket, Nadine fights for a sustainable lifestyle and a cleaner environment. Among the many things to admire about her is her passion to save the planet in ways she can. This summer in particular, she starts by joining the battle against plastic pollution, a rampant issue that ironically still continues to persist. Leveraging on her clout to spread the word about it, she asks a question critical at this time: “Who’s to say that everything, all our resources, are not gonna run out?”

But her concern isn’t a spur of the moment, nor is it a trend that has come and will later go. “I’ve been conscious ever since I was young. I grew up na masinop with everything,” she shares. As a kid, Nadine would go to school by foot. In her walk, she would often pass by small plastic wrappers on the side of the road, which according to her were already little things she couldn’t simply ignore. She would dutifully pick them up, eventually throwing them at the proper disposal area. This continues to the present day. On a trip to Bantayan Island, which saw Nadine giving an environmental lesson on her own. In an Instagram story, she shared that she “caught someone throwing paper and plastic wrappers out of their van’s window.” Recalling the story, disappointment was visible on her face. “It was just being flown around the deck, so I picked it up, knocked on the van’s window, and asked the person who threw it to dispose of it properly.”

“I think kasi everything we have came from the earth, from nature,” she explains regarding her passion for environmental efforts. “I think it’s time for us to start thanking the environment, ‘di ba? Give back to it. It’s for us to take care of kasi parang kawawa naman yung mga future generations if they won’t have anything left with anymore.” These eye-opening words are put to action as she continues the fight for a sustainable future. In support of this, Nadine makes sure she only works with brands that support her in this cause. One of the many she has been supporting ever since its arrival in the Philippines in 2014 is H&M.

“I’m a big fan of H&M when they first came here ‘cause they have everything,” she begins. “They have [products] for kids, home, and men. Since I have brothers and a little sister, we always shop there together. We brought in old clothes also, even now actually.” Nadine adds that in support of the brand’s long-term goal to save the environment, she has participated in campaigns for H&M Conscious—a collection of women’s wear that is made from recycled and sustainable materials. For the past years, H&M has been pushing for a more sustainable future in the fashion industry. This began with the collection of old clothes from consumers in any condition. In 2017 alone, the company has collected more than 17,771 tonnes of textiles all over the world. (Read: That’s equivalent to about 89 million tees. Now, think about it.)

With the new year, she takes this support to the next level. Just in time for summer’s return, Nadine collaborates with H&M for a collection that consciously fights a struggle that’s personal for her as well.

Fair and Flawed

Nadine Lustre Fights Insecurities With Body Positivity As Weapon | MEGA

Believe it or not, Nadine Lustre does have insecurities. We may see her in the spotlight with a picture-perfect smile and flawless charisma, but it’s obvious that the cameras aren’t showing everything there is to see about her. What we see through the lenses is just a fragment of her personality—her personal struggles hidden within. She does have battles she constantly fights with that no one really knows about. In an Instagram post after her beloved brother’s passing, Nadine opens up about her struggle with depression. But just like the side of her we see on-cam, Nadine is strong. She resists succumbing to her weaknesses and uses them instead as fuel to drive her to her goals.

“With my body, I think I wish I had more hips,” she confesses. “Before I would always get shy when I wear bikinis. I would wear them na din before, but sometimes I would get shy so I put on mga cover-ups.” As a celebrity, not to mention a superstar, all eyes are on her. Every move she makes is scrutinized by the public eye, and the way she looks is constantly criticized by everyone. What makes Nadine human is the fact that these too affect her in some way. “I had a lot of insecurities back then, and I kind of let them get the best of me. There was a time pa nga na I was having issues with myself just because I think my body wasn’t proportioned.” But these criticisms didn’t stop her from focusing towards a better version of herself. “It’s a lot of hard work,” she responds when asked about how she achieved the current state of her physique. “Thanks to my coach, working out and eating healthy, I achieved this body.”

Being familiar with insecurities as such, Nadine knows exactly what it feels like to feel diffident on her own skin. So, she motivates people like her in every way she can. From social media posts, she has upped her game on influencing by working with H&M, debuting a collection of swimwear anchored on embracing body positivity.

The Body, The Mind, The Soul

Nadine Lustre Fights Insecurities With Body Positivity As Weapon | MEGA

“It’s a collection, a campaign, that’s very body positive,” Nadine describes. “These are bikinis or swimsuits that are perfect for different kinds of body types. It’s really flattering on curvy, pear-shaped, hourglass—it looks good on anyone.” In her enduring battle with personal insecurities, Nadine grabs the opportunity to empower women like her who are going the same issues with their bodies. It is true, finding the perfect swimwear for your body type can be a challenge. Most will, just like the old Nadine, yield to their insecurities and decide to cover up for the summer instead. The collection, Selected by Nadine, ultimately serves solutions to everyone looking for the right design and cut for their body types.

“H&M helped me out with this campaign and made sure na there’s no editing whatsoever. Just you being comfortable, feeling beautiful in your own skin.” Aside from the varied cuts and designs, the collection also includes colors that will complement any skin tone. As a proud morena in a sea of mestizas in the industry, Nadine realizes that it’s all about the way you carry and believe in yourself. It is, of course, a process for Nadine to get to where she is right now—a confident woman who loves the skin she’s in.

“Just accept your flaws because that’s what makes you ‘you’. That’s what makes a person unique.” What the mind believes, the body follows, and the soul fulfilled right after. Staying true to her words, Nadine parts us with words to encourage us in embracing our imperfections. “Be yourself and never be ashamed of who you are. Be happy with what you have. Just love yourself.”

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