5 Traits That Make You The Ultimate Scorpio Just Like Nadine Lustre

5 Traits That Make You The Ultimate Scorpio Just Like Nadine Lustre


On a scale of 1 to Nadine Lustre, how Scorpio are you?

Nadine Lustre is just as Scorpio as we expect one to be. It’s pretty evident especially if you follow her on social media. So at the launch of Lustrous’ Birthday collection, we took the chance to ask the actress about the traits of her star sign. And it can’t be more accurate to most Scorpios out there.


This just has to be number one on Nadine’s list. She is just as loyal as she wants other people to be loyal to her. Be it about romantic relationships, family, or friendships, a Scorpio is always loyal and faithful to the people they love.


Though Nadine is open about her many life adventures through her Instagram posts, she doesn’t seem to overshare. There is still a part of her that she likes to keep private, embracing this side of her that’s as Scorpio as it gets.


Focused and passionate—that’s how Nadine would like to put it. Once she sets her mind on one thing, she’s going to focus all her energy into it. No tricks, no games, all business. And yes, they’re also sexy with a capital S. Explains the aura Nadine effortlessly exudes!


Non-Scorpios better watch out because people like Nadine are the jealous type. The actress admitted that it’s one of the Scorpio traits she can’t deny. But no judgments here! The jealousy simply comes with the loyalty and expecting your partner to be just as loyal as you are.


It’s not easy to befriend Scorpios. Their trust issues make it hard for people to get in their circle and for Nadine, it’s a good thing! As a celebrity, it’s not easy to find real friends in the industry.
Wanna hear it from Nadine herself? Check out the video below!

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