Natori Pays Homage to Her Archives

Natori Pays Homage to Her Archives


For her Spring/Summer 2024 presentation, Josie Natori manages to steer her ship with a clear and captivating vision

Josie Natori, the Filipino-American designer with a penchant for the creative and expressive, welcomed us into her imaginative world through Natori. Her Spring/Summer 2024 presentation during New York Fashion Week was no exception to her vision, as it showcased the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, artistry, and a fusion of tradition and modernity. She described her approach this season as a departure from the whirlwind of prints that defined the previous spring. Instead, she opted for a focus on the core and solids, aiming to provide versatility that effortlessly transitions from day to night.

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In Josie Natori’s own words, “It’s not Natori without a touch of artistry.” Her collection embraced this ethos with open arms. It paid homage to the brand’s archives, drawing inspiration from traditional Asian garments, Japanese kimono, Moroccan caftans, and Japanese embroidered shawls. The result? A vibrant palette of blues and greens, yellows and new neutrals, and types of red and violet, attracted and illuminated.

True to her word, the spring collection did include a few of her signature artful prints, a melange of colorful blocks. However, what truly stole the spotlight were the textural wonders and easy, feminine silhouettes with an artisanal touch. 

One couldn’t help but be captivated by the black-and-white tunic and colorful dresses, each a work of collaged hand-embroidered guipure lace florals. These garments were evidence of Natori’s unwavering dedication to detail and her commitment to infusing artistry into every stitch. 

The presentation expanded its horizons with a rich spectrum of blues, featuring fresh kimono-style wrap tops meticulously crafted from a blend of cotton poplin and linen. Introducing an element of playful charm, there were dresses adorned with intricate cutout eyelet patterns and delicate floral embroidery, while the collection also made a bold fashion statement through cotton jacquard styles inspired by the Mod era. Particularly striking were the three-dimensional floral embellishments adorning the brand’s iconic obi belts, boleros, and a diverse selection of tops, suits, and dresses, all expertly fashioned from the novel techno cotton poplin fabric.

Natori’s innovation extended to core fabrications as well. Raffia, cotton taffeta, and linen made appearances, with a pretty blue frock showcasing the versatility of raffia. A curated selection of new embroidered raffia hats topped off the looks, quickly becoming a fashion favorite.

This season’s collection emanated vintage beauty, blending the craftsmanship of yesteryears with the chic, contemporary aesthetic we’ve come to expect from Natori. The focus on texture and monochrome, a hallmark of Natori’s signature style, remained intact, providing a sense of cohesion and sophistication throughout the presentation.

One couldn’t help but envision a day basking in the charm of Filipino landscapes or other captivating destinations, resonating deeply with the essence of this collection. Natori’s presentation masterfully displayed her enduring devotion to ingenuity, rooted in her Asian heritage, and a seamless blend of tradition and modernity—an amalgamation of her unique fashion sensibility.

Photos: NATORI (via Instagram)

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