Nature’s Bounty: Naturals by Watsons Takes the Next Step in Sustainability

Nature’s Bounty: Naturals by Watsons Takes the Next Step in Sustainability


Make the switch to organic products and be more beautiful in courtesy of Mother Nature

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you’re pampering yourself with products that are not only good for your body, but also make an effort in being sustainable and environment friendly. More often than not, we tend to just pick up a product, unaware of the fact that a handful of them might have a long term effect on our bodies and our environment. This is why over the past years, people are making a conscious choice in having a more sustainable lifestyle, opting for organic and natural products that are healthy and good for the planet. 

The five ingredients your skin will thank you for

If you’re on the hunt for your own organic beauty products, look no further because Naturals by Watsons has an exclusive line perfect for you. Enriched with the finest natural ingredients from around the world, this product line can give a luxurious and guilt-free experience. From shampoos to body creams, you can choose from different premium organic components that cater to your every need. 

A bag of goodies with a few of Naturals’ top-selling products

For this month of November, Naturals by Watsons is releasing a limited edition Lavender range. Including products such as a hair oil, hand cream, body scrub, cream bath, and a shampoo, indulge yourself with the lavander’s calming scent, perfect after a hectic day. Sit back and relax as you wash all the stress away. 

Apart from the new and limited product range, loyal customers are already familiar with the four other ranges from this line, namely: Aloe Vera, Argan, Coffee, and Olive, which are a few of the most famous organic ingredients used in beauty products. 

Two of the bestsellers: Coffee Conditioner for hair fall and Argan Shampoo to moisturize.

Developed with aloe extract from Mexico, the Aloe Vera line is here for those struggling with dandruff-prone and oily scalp conditions. The key ingredient for this line is famous for strengthening hair and relieving dry and irritated skin. Products also include a conditioner, shower gel, and a lip balm.

The Argan line has argan seed extract straight from Morocco. Perfect for extremely dry and irritated skin, it is best known for its moisturizing factors that will leave your hair shiny and your skin smooth and supple. Included in the line are its shampoo, hair oil, and hand cream. 

Dealing with hairfall can be such a pain. But the coffee bean extract from Africa that is enriched in the Coffee line is here to strengthen hair with its anti-hairfall properties. You can choose their shampoo or their hair and scalp tonic in addressing thin and fragile hair. 

Refill packs are also available for those who are unable to visit the Refill Station at the physical store.

And lastly, the Olive line features organic olive oil and olive seed extract all the way from the hills of Italy. Targeting dry skin, this ingredient is known to deeply moisturize the skin and scalp, leaving you with healthy skin and luscious flowing hair. 

Preserve the environment with one refill at a time

As one of the most well-known international beauty and health retailers, A.S. Watson Group is at the forefront of making a choice to be more environmentally conscious by releasing products that promote a more sustainable lifestyle. As an acknowledgement to the government’s call to save the environment and in an effort to reduce waste, Naturals by Watsons opened their first refill station in the country at SM Megamall. 

Poleane Carmen and Kai Javier both dropped by and picked their favorites from the line.
Izzy Trazona-Aragon with her shampoo of choice from the Olive line.

The refill stations are now available to the customers who wish to replenish their empty bottles of the selected products, namely: Aloe Vera Shampoo, Coffee Shampoo, Argan Shampoo, Olive Shampoo, and Aloe Vera Body Wash. They can also opt to purchase the available empty bottles and caps, in which they can save up to 40% as opposed to buying regular bottles. A free sticker will also be given to the customers at the Refill Station so that they can decorate their bottles to their heart’s desires. 

If you wish to know more about their products such as prices and where to buy, feel free to check out their website

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