Navigating Storms and Sunshine: A Glimpse Into Anjo Pertierra’s Venture in Weather Reporting

Navigating Storms and Sunshine: A Glimpse Into Anjo Pertierra’s Venture in Weather Reporting


From serving on the volleyball court to delivering the latest weather updates, Anjo Pertierra shares with MEGA Man his incredible life adventure

Amidst the ever-changing climate of Manila, a striking new presence has graced the screens as GMA’s newest meteorological correspondent. Meet Anjo Pertierra, a newcomer to the realm of weather reporting. With his captivating on-screen appeal, Anjo has swiftly established himself as a promising figure in the media scene.

Anjo Pertierra forcast report

In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, he shares his journey that propelled him to his current role and how he’s fully embracing the chance to deliver forecasts like a true weather warrior.

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Before the forecasts

Anjo has had a fascinating journey leading up to his current role. Before gracing our screens with his meteorological expertise, he set out on a range of endeavors that thrust him into the limelight. “I started acting post-pandemic. I was seen in Mano Po, several Regal Studio Presents episodes, GenZ, Kurdapya, and right now, we are finishing an international series for HBO,” he shared.

Anjo Pertierra

In addition to these, it is worth mentioning that Pertierra also possessed athletic prowess. He played volleyball in high school and went on to play professionally for Cignal for four years and for the City of Imus for a year. This paved the way for him to eventually pursue a career as an NCAA volleyball sportscaster.

The weatherman’s story

Just two weeks ago, the 27-year old gentleman took to social media to share a snapshot, celebrating his first month in his new position. Anjo remarked that he can’t fathom the fact that he’s already a part of the integrated news weather center at GMA. “I still can’t believe that I was chosen for the job. When I went to the audition date, I didn’t set any expectations because this job is something outside of my expertise,” he shared.

Anjo Pertierra weatherman

He also mentioned that he carried out a lot of mental preparation to ensure his success in this new and interesting pursuit. “Nakakagulat, eh. It’s like winning the lottery. A new environment, a new job, so I needed to study new things everyday so that I could deliver spotless reports for the people,” he said.

Endless weather wonders

“It was surreal. Up to this day. The people I saw when I was still a kid, nakakasama ko na sa studio. It’s such a privilege to be part of the team.” 

Even though he already clinched the job, Anjo says he will never stop pushing himself to improve because he works alongside so many of the people he has admired since he was a child. In addition, he appreciates the opportunity to keep his fellow Filipinos up-to-date on the constantly shifting weather situation.

Anjo Pertierra

As one of the youngest on-screen weather reporters ever, it comes as no surprise when he shared that he does things that resonate with the pulse of the youth. However, he emphasized that he was always conscious of striking a balance so his reports could be relevant to the widest possible audience. “I put nuances that the younger generation will appreciate, [but] not too obvious, so that the general public will appreciate and understand the report better.”

Evolving with responses

Ever since he was announced as the newest addition to GMA’s news team, the former athlete has been receiving a warm reception from the public, which he is well aware of. “I appreciate those who appreciate me. And it’s an honor that I receive appreciation from the public because kahit papaano, alam kong naihahatid ko ang balita nang tama,” Pertierra mentioned.

Anjo Pertierra
Photo: UNANG HIRIT (via Instagram)

The young reporter also said that, aside from basking in the glow of praise, he also takes note of any constructive feedback and helpful suggestions he receives on a daily basis, all in pursuit of refining his reporting style.

Chasing clouds, challenging limits

This season’s weather reporter is truly reaching for the stars. As evidenced by his extensive repertoire of impressive achievements, it is clear that the concept of impossibility holds no sway over him.

Anjo Pertierra

Anjo said that his current priority is to become an expert reporter. However, in the future, he mentioned that he would want to challenge himself again by attempting new things, such as filming documentaries or becoming a news anchor—a statement that offers an exciting glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead for this remarkable man.

Photos: ANJO PERTIERRA (via Instagram)

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