Here’s What You Need to Do to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

Here’s What You Need to Do to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle


With an uncontrollable purchasing habit, we continue the cycle of consumer goods production through everything we buy. Most of the time, these goods are made of non-recyclable or one-time use materials that are often thrown away after they have served their purpose. These then pile up at landfills and even make their way to our oceans consequently polluting and damaging our natural resources. To remedy this, we need to make more conscious buying decisions and opt for a healthier habit of recycling and reusing the things we can repurpose.

Start living a more sustainable lifestyle with these small steps that can create big changes.

Use the power of nature

We rely a lot on our gadgets so it’s only natural their batteries get drained easily. Before plugging in your device, why not consider charging them through a solar-powered power bank? It doesn’t cost a cent to charge and you can even charge it anywhere there’s sunlight. With the convenience of buying affordable solar-powered power banks online, you can save money and energy simultaneously.

You can also commit to solar power in your house with some help from solar panel providers in the country. Install solar panels that can generate enough power for your everyday consumption. You’ll have one less bill to stress about and have renewable energy from here on out.

Be fashion-forward with classic pieces

Trends come and go but classics stay forever. Invest on timeless pieces instead of buying what’s hot right now. Dress up in a classic pieces in neutral colors and add accessories to punctuate the look. Look no further than our own local brands and designers that are already promoting classic, dateless, and wearable pieces. 

Repurpose your old things

Often times, the things we buy no longer serve us, so we have to get rid of them. However, this doesn’t mean we have to throw them away. We can just as easily repurpose them. Take a cue from Native. At their newly renovated store in Glorietta, you can take part in their Remix Project. This project repurposes old Native shoes into mats to be used for playgrounds, and even their seating mats inside the store. Simply drop off your old Native shoes at their designated boxes, and you’ll even enjoy a 10% discount on your next pair! In addition to reusing old shoes, Native also takes pride in being Beast-Free, which means no animals were harmed in the creation of their products as backed by PETA itself.

Making the world a better place doesn’t happen overnight. But if each one of us takes part even in small steps, we can make our planet healthier in no time at all.

Take the first step to living a sustainable lifestyle. Head over to Native’s Glorietta branch and try on a pair. See more of Native’s shoes on Facebook and Instagram. Native Shoes are also available online at, Lazada, and Zalora.

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