Neric Beltran Shares A Solid Point Of View On His First Ever Fashion Show

Neric Beltran Shares A Solid Point Of View On His First Ever Fashion Show


Ever since he was in high school, Neric Beltran has dreamed of doing his very own fashion show. As it comes true at the MEGA Fashion Week 2018, he shares how grateful he is for the opportunity. As the show progresses, we see everything in Neric’s point of view. From the set design to the participating band, we see every bit of Neric’s idea in his perspective.

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Alternative band IV of Spades serenades the crowd and Neric’s muses. The band sets a groovy mood with their funk pop music on the background. Neric shares that he personally chose the band as it reflects his personality. Not only do they show who he is as a designer, the band also reflects the vision of his atelier. “When I heard their music, it really fit my personality and the stuff that I do—very millennial. They’re cool, funky, fun, and I think that’s what I want to share,” he explains.

After years as a costume designer in the entertainment industry, Neric is finally ready to unveil his creations to everyone. “I feel really great because now the message that I want to share through my clothes can be shared to real women,” the designer adds. This gives everyone a chance to feel like the celebrity they’ve always wanted to be. Neric Beltran’s collection truly is cutting-edge and his runway debut is only the beginning of a bright future ahead of him and his atelier.

Photography by Yukie Sarto

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