Nespresso Coffee’s Unforgettable Taste Enjoyed Different Ways

Nespresso Coffee’s Unforgettable Taste Enjoyed Different Ways


Discover George Clooney, Kim Go-eun, and Julia Garner’s favorite recipes and how Nespresso changes how we enjoy coffee.

Coffee consumption is evolving. Your little cup of black espresso is no longer solely about the caffeine kick we crave in the morning or at any point of the day we need a picker-upper. There’s something about inhaling its rich aroma that’s indulgently comforting. Aside from the amazing health benefits that coffee brings, it’s the moment of pause in our day when we slow down and make our cup of bliss that we value. Nespresso has made the coffee-drinking experience more enjoyable, especially for people who value individuality and personal taste. Nespresso has become a statement in the coffee corner of every home. 

Kim Go Eun
Nespresso Global Ambassador Kim Go-eun

It’s evident how coffee has the power to kick-start our day. Nespresso elevates the process of brewing your cup and transforms it into a simple, delightful, and personal experience. 

The coffee favored by A-list Celebrities

Beyond the physical beauty of its machines, Nespresso is known for its great-tasting black coffee and offering a variety of flavors that cater to all your coffee needs. Whether you prefer deep, robust tastes or want something lighter, there’s an option for everyone. 

Two stars of this generation join the ranks alongside George Clooney, the brand ambassador since 2006, in the new Nespresso video titled “The Bet.” Renowned Korean actress Kim Go-eun, celebrated for her performances in “A Muse,” “Goblin,” and “Cheese in the Trap,” shares the screen with the talented Julia Garner, known for her standout roles in “Inventing Anna” and “Ozark.”

We all have a preferred way of drinking coffee. Some, like George Clooney, choose a strong black espresso to awaken the senses. Others lean towards a creamier taste; Julia Garner loves hers with a splash of milk. For Kim Go-eun, nothing beats iced coffee. While their preferences may vary, they all go for the unforgettable taste of Nespresso.

Elevate Each Sip with Nespresso 

Nespresso Vertuo Pop Black and Vertuo Barista Creations Coffees

The Barista Creations range is inspired by the world’s top baristas and crafted to complement milk perfectly. Whether you’re craving an indulgent or milky drink, you can find a favorite among Nespresso’s milky and flavored blends, from the rich and nutty Vertuo Roasted Hazelnut to the creamy and chocolatey Rich Chocolate. 

Nespresso Vertuo
The Nespresso Vertuo Lattissima

Nespresso designed these flavors to be super easy and straightforward so everyone can delight in the beauty of making their own cup without leaving their homes. 

Shop Nespresso Barista Creations range, machines, and accessories online at, in boutiques, or in pop-up stores. Follow on Instagram and nespresso.phl on Facebook for more information.

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