10 Netflix Rom-Com Christmas Movies To Watch When You Need To Get Into The Holiday Mood

10 Netflix Rom-Com Christmas Movies To Watch When You Need To Get Into The Holiday Mood


Not feeling the holiday groove yet? Well, gear up! Because the mood is about to change with these rom-com titles that are set on the best time of the year—Christmas. 

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It’s quite understandable that many are still not feeling the Christmas vibes. For one, since a bunch are opting out of the usual Christmas rush and jam packed malls due to the pandemic, it’s hard to physically see Christmas in action. There’s also the matter of work and deadlines to rush and finish before the actual day. So, you see, it’s not that simple to flick on one’s holiday mood switch. In fact, it might require some effort. 

Shift gears by ticking off names and to-do’s in your shopping list, or maybe just curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and binge the sappiest, most predictable yet heart-warming rom-com Christmas movies that Netflix is replete with. Your choice, but the latter seems too cozy to deny! 

Here’s our curated list of rom-com Christmas movies in Netflix and what they’re about—so you can decide whether to stream it or skip it.  

1. Love Hard

Natalie, who resides in LA, makes a living out of writing about her miserable love life. In search of the perfect guy, she feels that she’s finally “swiped right” to the man of her dreams when she dives deep into late night conversations with Josh. Elated, she travels across the country to surprise him for Christmas, only to find that she’s been catfished. Still eager to land true romance, Natalie partners with Josh in making Tag, who served as Josh’s online fake identity, fall in love with her.

2. Holidate

Sloane, a young woman from Chicago, is tired of existing as the only single person in the family, blind dates set up by her nagging mother and being berated during gatherings about her love life. By chance, she meets Jackson—who’s also fed up with the romantic scene. The two strangers then devise a no-strings-attached plan to be each other’s plus-ones during all the holidays. But as cliches go, their plan goes awry and they catch real feelings for each other. 

3. The Knight Before Christmas 

Sir Cole, a knight from the medieval times, is magically transported to a time and place that’s entirely different from where he came from. Sent with a mysterious quest to fulfill before midnight on Christmas Eve, the English knight crosses paths with Brooke, a science teacher from Ohio who’s disillusioned with love.

4. Let It Snow 

The movie is adapted from the novel of the same name written by New York Times bestseller, John Green. The story revolves around a group of teenagers who go through their respective series of romances in the sleepy town of Laurel, Illinois. On Christmas Eve, new beginnings and endings take place. The story culminates in the hottest spot of the small suburb: the Waffle Town diner. 

5. Serendipity 

While embroiled in the Christmas rush, Jonathan and Sara reach for the same last pair of gloves available. This encounter sets off an undeniable mutual connection between the two . After spending a short but sweet night together in busy New York City, the two part ways without knowing each other’s full names and decide to instead rely on fate to decide their reunion. 

The story progresses 10 years later, with Jonathan and Sara still pondering their magical rendezvous despite being miles apart, the male lead being engaged and also not having the slightest idea where the other exactly is.

A play on the common romantic tropes like destiny, this film is the epitome of meet-cute plots and holiday romantic comedies. 

6. Last Christmas 

Kate is understandably exasperated as she seems to be drawn to all things disastrous. Bad dates, unmet dreams of being a singer and even a dead-end job working as an elf in an all-year round Christmas shop in London. Things start to finally go the right route when she meets Tom. However, for Kate, the handsome charmer seems too good to be true. 

7. A Christmas Prince 

Junior editor, Amber, finally gets her big break and gets sent to the Royal Palace to get the inside scoop on playboy Prince Richard—who’s poised to sit on the throne following his father’s demise. Due to untimely events though, her role changes to a fake tutor inside the grand castle. However, this doesn’t stop her from delving deeper into the potential king’s life and eventually building an intriguing relationship with him that’s built on lies. 

Readers who find interest in this movie will be happy to know that the story has actually been extended into a full-blown trilogy. 

8. A Castle for Christmas

After a scandalous meltdown, renowned author, Sophie, turns recluse and seeks comfort and concealment from the public’s eyes in a grand castle situated in her father’s ancestral village in Scotland. The only caveat? She has to deal with the nasty temper of the duke who owns the palatial space.  

9. The Princess Switch 

The plot of the film is based on the concept of the bestselling classic by Mark Twain, The Prince and the Pauper. The tale takes place exactly a week before Christmas and revolves around two identical looking people of entirely different backgrounds. Stacy is a recently single successful Chicago baker who has a penchant for scheduling everything in her life. On the other hand is Duchess Margaret Delacourt, who is slated to marry the Crown Prince of Belgravia. The soon-to-be Princess desires to at least experience being a “normal person” once in her royal life. 

The two, who bumped into each other in a baking competition held in Belgravia, decide to switch up lives for two days before Margaret’s big wedding day. 

Avid fans of Netflix-produced Christmas rom-com movies can rejoice. As this narrative has also been expanded into an exciting trilogy like A Christmas Prince.  

10. The Holiday

Lovelorn and distraught, two ladies decide to impulsively switch homes via a house exchange website. Iris, a wedding columnist, is heartbroken and down in the dumps in terms of self-esteem after finding out that the man she loves is engaged. Contrasting her is movie trailer producer Amanda, who is struggling with her recent split from her unfaithful beau. 

Thrust into personally uncharted territories and completely varying environments, both women navigate through their unprocessed feelings and eventually find new beginnings in their temporary suburbs. 

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