New Netflix Release Overtaking “Squid Game” and “Hellbound”? Here’s All We Know About “The Silent Sea”

New Netflix Release Overtaking “Squid Game” and “Hellbound”? Here’s All We Know About “The Silent Sea”


“Goblin” and “Squid Game” star, Gong Yoo, suits up with Bae Doona of “Kingdom” and more, on a critical mission to retrieve a vital sample that could possibly save earth from doom.

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Hit after hit, Netflix has released originals that are simply made to the nines. Amongst the renowned streaming platform’s pool of bestsellers is a major category that’s frequently dominating the “Top 10’s”—South Korean produced content. This doesn’t come as a surprise. As everybody seems to be enamored with the K-wave—whether it be in the form of food, music, skincare or as pointed out by Netflix’s recent blockbusters: movies and dramas. 

Gone are the days where K-drama remains in the confines of local TV channels or even bootleg copies. In this day and age, Korean content, especially those of films and series, have reached the spaces of a far wider global audience—and they’re absolutely hooked. Some fairly fresh examples to prove the prior point is the international popularity of the likes of Squid Game, Hellbound, Hometown Cha Cha Cha and My Name. Continuing the successful streak, Netflix’s upcoming release, The Silent Sea, is poised to be another riveting tale that will glue viewers not only to their seats but to the edge of it. The series will surely earn a thumbs-up from spectators who have an affinity for dystopian and science mystery plots. 

To further fuel the anticipation and excitement for the sci-fi thriller, here’s the lowdown of everything we know so far about the much-awaited upcoming Netflix original title, The Silent Sea and its release.

Those Behind The Scenes

In a Netflix media event last February, See What’s Next Korea, producer and actor Jung Woo Sung shared that The Silent Sea was actually initially idealized to be a feature-length film. However, aligning with Netflix management and writer Park Eun Gyo’s wishes, the consensus was to instead explore the expandability that the project’s universe offers by means of a series.

The interest of the producer, writer and even some of the cast members to volt in for the project is rooted from watching the short film, of the same name, which the show is based on. It’s good to also note that the one helming the 8-episode K-drama is also the same director of the short film—Choi Hang-Yong

Netflix’s The Silent Sea will be a sort of debut for all three—as none of them has ever respectively produced, written or directed a drama before. 

A Riveting Tale

Even before its grand premier, the show is already making history as South Korea’s first ever science fiction thriller drama to be released in the nation. 

The plot revolves around a dystopian future on earth, year 2075 to be exact. The story focuses on the planet’s precarious state, where natural resources like water and food are dangerously lean. In light of the earth’s desertification, a special team is commissioned to travel on a secret mission to a moon-based abandoned research station referred to as the “Balhae Lunar Research Station”. The team of 5 is tasked with scouring the said facility for a mysterious sample that can possibly save the world. 

Like any space-related plot would offer, the tale is filled to the brim with misadventures, out-of-this-world mysteries and in most cases, death. Case in point: in the teaser, space biologist Song Ji Ahn mulls over the eerie fact that there’s actually less than a 10% chance that the whole crew will survive the perilous mission. 

Star-Studded Cast 

Top billing the show are faces that are no stranger to K-drama fanatics. 

Hallyu star Gong Yoo who recently made headlines with his cameo in Netflix hit “Squid Game” plays the exploration team leader, Han Yoon Jae. He is widely known in the industry for his roles in the box-office film, “Train to Busan” and top-rated 2016 K-drama, “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”. 

Opposite of him is Bae Doona of cult-favorite, “Sense 8” and supernatural drama, “Kingdom”. Here, she takes on the role of an astrobiologist known as Doctor Song Ji Ahn. The third major cast member is Lee Joon who’s played notable characters in series “My Father is Strange” and “The Vampire Detective”. Here, Joon embodies a senior engineer named Ryu Tae Seok

The star power doesn’t end there as even the supporting characters are well-known. Kim Sun Young of the successful Netflix Original, Crash Landing on You, suits up as Hong Ga Young, the team’s doctor on board. Joining the crew as Kim Sun, the spaceship’s navigator and pilot, is Lee Sung Wook of multi-awarded series, “Where the Stars Land”. Lee Moo Saeng of smash hit “The World of Married” is also amongst the star-studded line-up. He plays the role of Gong Soo Hyuk, the crew’s head of security. 

Last but not the least is Heo Sung-Tae, whom many will easily recognize from his vengeful and diabolical character in “Squid Game,” Jang Deok-Su. He will fulfill the role of Kim Jae-Sun, the chief of the Aviation Administration’s resource group. 

The Silent Sea Teaser And Netflix Release Date 

In less than 2 minutes, the official teaser was already able to give the audience a feel and look into the spine-chilling and suspenseful atmosphere that the plot will take place on. Watching the short video will cause you to excitedly ponder on what shocking sinister events could eventually take place. 

Watch the teaser with English subtitles, below! 

The Silent Sea is slated to premiere in over 190 countries and will be released on the streaming platform, Netflix, on Christmas Eve. 

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