New Kind Of Shopping: Philippines’ First E-Commerce Credit Card Is Here

New Kind Of Shopping: Philippines’ First E-Commerce Credit Card Is Here


With the rapid increase of digital sales, it’s high time that we get to have our own e-commerce credit card for our add to cart online shopping experience.

Apart from major health concerns brought by the coronavirus pandemic, countless brands across the globe are also challenged by how their business will fare this year. In fact, we’ve already seen major companies filing for bankruptcy due to a huge loss of sales, if not asking for millions of loans just to survive the global economic crisis of 2020.

Due to these challenges presented, various companies have no other choice but to navigate, understand, and adapt to the market’s new trends. Some business models have to be reorganized as we almost fully-enter the 4th industrial revolution, wherein the physical world has merged with digital processes and technologies. So, as the market now fully utilizes great innovative online platforms, the banking industry has no other choice but to follow suit.

Evolving their traditional physical credit card offerings that are much more fitting to their new generation of clientele, UnionBank, together with Lazada and Mastercard, has launched Philippines’ first-ever e-commerce credit card.

The world of e-commerce is a very vast platform, wherein many Filipinos buy whatever they need—from clothes, toys, essentials, to furniture. It has successfully achieved the ideal of not needing to go out of the comforts of your home just to buy the things you need, because now, you just need to wait for the product to arrive at your doorstep.

That’s why UnionBank’s President and CEO Edwin Bautista expressed his excitement about this new partnership as the country’s leading digital bank. He believes that the new e-commerce credit card will help “serve the growing needs of Filipino shoppers in this rapidly changing digital economy.”

Unionbank Lazada E-commerce Credit Card

As we shift into a reformed reality, UnionBank Lazada Credit Card gives customers a much more secure payment option for their online transactions. And as another testament for pioneering the country’s digital banking technology, this also introduces a new virtual credit card—which cardholders can use for online transactions without waiting for the physical card to be issued. But of course, a physical card will also be given for the cardholder’s face-to-face, point-of-sale transactions.

Christmas Came Early

We’re on the cusp of the ber months now, and this only signals one thing: Christmas shopping. The thing about us Filipinos is we’ve always been so generous. We’re never the stingy people who keep our blessings to ourselves, simply because we value paying it forward.

While this may be the case, this also entails that there are times we go overboard in terms of our spending. Come to think of it, we just all want to give the best to our dear family and friends. With this in mind, and as the Philippine market is expecting a huge online sales in the coming months, the UnionBank Lazada credit card offers to its cardholders to directly earn up to 6x Lazada wallet credits from their online spend at Lazada—the highest earning rate among other credit cards in the market. Meanwhile, they still earn P1.00 for every P200.00 on all other purchases outside Lazada. 

Now here’s the best part, we all love to shop till we drop, but always hate delivery and shipping fees—admit it. So, as a welcome gift when the application is approved for a UnionBank Lazada credit card, you’ll instantly get P5000 Lazada wallet credits. And if you hate shipping fees just like us, well, you can enjoy free monthly shipping of up to P50.00 and free discount vouchers of up to P250.00 during their Mega Sales (birthday sale, mid-year sale, 9.9, 11.11., and 12.12).

Start a new digital shopping experience at Lazada when you apply for the new UnionBank Lazada Credit Card starting August 8, 2020, at

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