The New Romantics: The One Fragrance You Need If You’re Young, Fun, And In Love

The New Romantics: The One Fragrance You Need If You’re Young, Fun, And In Love


Ahh, young love–it’s been around since time immemorial, and the youth of today continue to love boldly and beautifully. When it comes to matters of the heart, ladies of this century give their all and leave nothing to chance. Prepping before dates become the highlight of the week as girls lather, primp, and spritz the best concoctions for a perfect night out.

If perfection is indeed the goal, your perfume cabinet ought to make room for Tory Burch’s newest fragrance – the Love Relentlessly collection.
The concoction was inspired by nothing less than, yes, a great love story. It is, essentially, the romance of Tory Burch’s parents recreated and bottled up to be taken with her wherever she goes. With one spritz, you can now share in the memory of “the most romantic couple I have ever known,” as Tory shares.

Imagine opening the local newspaper and seeing a note in the “wanted” section that read: “If I told you that I love you, would you hold it against me? Love, Relentless.” You would melt, and so did Tory’s mom–this was how her father wrote to her mother. In 1961, the young couple jumped in a convertible BMW and never looked back. Every single day since, they were, in her mom’s words, “mad for each other.”
Their storybook romance and passion for life is what inspires Tory’s designs, and now, this lovely new fragrance.

Unearthed Romance

Before you head out the door with your knockout dress, go for a dainty perfume to go with your look! Never underestimate the deliciously earthy power of pink pepper, patchouli, rose, and amber.


Love Note In A Bottle

Like any great romance, it all starts with a message in a bottle. More than just a pink-jeweled glass vial, the fragrance expresses words that are hard to muster. Spray on a few touches before a date and get your feelings across to that special guy.

Secret Rendezvous

Keep a stash of Tory Burch’s elixir of love in your purse and jump in a car with your soulmate. Keep the romance going for the entire night with relentless abandon.

Find love and let your passions flow on Instagram by sharing your own photo with your modern romance. Take a snapshot with your significant other with a sealed love letter signed #LoveRelentlessly and be the first one hundred to receive a Tory Burch Love Relentlessly fragrance sample by presenting your Instagram post at Tory Burch Rustan’s Shangri-la.
Tory Burch is located at Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-la, Rustan’s Alabang Town Center, Rustan’s Cebu and the Tory Burch Boutique in Greenbelt 5.

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