Out Of Shows To Watch? You Won’t Regret Hours Of Binging With These New Series

Out Of Shows To Watch? You Won’t Regret Hours Of Binging With These New Series


Despite easing into a state of General Community Quarantine, there remains no need to go out if it isn’t absolutely necessary. With the same amount of stretched time on our hands, squeezing some new series sounds like a swell idea to ease a lingering anxiety. 

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If you’ve reached the series finale that currently preoccupied your time and still haven’t figured out which series to watch next, we got you covered. Not just with what to watch right now, but also with what to binge after the other. Believe us when we say that there’s no such thing as running out of good series to watch with all the offerings and options at our disposal these days. With a selection that runs the gamut from entertaining historical revisions, well-represented ensemble shows, and beloved K-dramas, there is a show to keep your eyes glued to your screen.

We’ve listed some newly released series on giant streaming platforms that are definitely worth your time. I guess we’re still spending our early nights with a cozy blanket, dimmed bedroom, and a bowl of popcorn.

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Behind the Bolex film cameras there exists a different kind of amusement we never thought would be possible until this series came to Netflix. As the title suggests, Hollywood re-imagines the entire history of Tinseltown years ago, but putting the luck of getting into the spotlight to lesser focus. And, for a moment, forget the Sheldon Cooper we’ve known for 12 years because Jim Parsons has left us with a brand new, more menacing impression.

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Never Have I Ever

Not the idealistic type of teen romance, Mindy Kaling’s semi-autobiographical Never Have I Ever discusses cultivating relationships and coming to terms with culture. Even with its light-hearted and feel-good approach, this series does not lack depth when pointing out the values of each characters. Once you’re done with the first season, mind telling us which team are you in?


Based on a film by the Oscar-winning director, Bong Joon Ho, Snowpiercer traverses again around the globe. In this post-apocalyptic, dystopian series, each room of the Snowpiercer suggests inequality among classes that serves as a quest for survival.

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Mystic Pop-Up Bar

From what he thought was just an ordinary employment, Kang Bae got involved in a surprising turn of events. Stirring your dreamy thoughts, Mystic Pop-Up Bar overflows with empathy and passion.

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The King: Eternal Monarch

In the infinite universe that we are in, what is the slightest chance that a parallel universe exists? This K-Drama evolves around a Kingdom and a Republic state that function at the same time, involving parallel lives. While the existence of a parallel universe itself could arise a serious conflict, all else became crucial when their lives intertwined.

Space Force

If you still can’t get enough of the launch of the first private spacecraft, SpaceX from the soil of America, Space Force might be the perfect series for you to binge-watch next. In a very entertaining and riveting manner, learn more about spacecrafts and people behind it before it gets ready for lift-off.

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The Great

Royaly, ruling, and greatness, these are perhaps what stands as the tenets of an empire in the pages of history. In this comedic portrayal of Catherine The Great (Elle Fanning), she attends to different roles, slowly discovering the potential and possibility she holds in her hands, thereby rewriting history as we know it. The Great depicts historical facts from Russia’s history. Well, sort of.

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Always expressive, our Marianne. ❤️ #NormalPeople

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Normal People

Aside from how the Normal People can obviously captivate you with explicit sex scenes and countless intimacies, this series is a test of true love and human compassion. Based on a best-selling novel written by Sally Rooney, this Hulu original series has a not-so normal pair that makes it really compelling. One of the greatest discovering from this series are its leads, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Paul Mescal, and of course, Connel’s chain.

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You can only choose one hype man: Chris or Erik?

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Gentefied tells us that no matter how sustained the place we are in, life has endless challenges to balance culture, community, and family. This series will fill your appetite with inspiring ambitions, unrestrained laughter, and good ‘ol Mexican tacos.

The Big Flower Fight

We’ve seen baking and cooking competitions on TV, but this one is just amazing as it is. The Big Flower Fight is about ten pairs of amateur floral sculptors that come together in this one-of-a-kind competition program to create gigantic and out-of-the-ordinary flower creations.

Love Life

The HBO Max original, Love Life is a romantic-comedy starring Anna Kendrick that shows how love can get so f*cked up, but remains as a factor to keep us going. Since we all have our own love story to tell, perhaps, sometimes love fails then it succeeds, and love ends then it lasts.

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Outer banks

A group of four teenagers find a missing person and stumble into a great treasure. As obstacles strangle their mission, drugs, love, friendship, and wealth blind their youth.

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