What To Watch Now That Game Of Thrones Is Over?

What To Watch Now That Game Of Thrones Is Over?


With no news about the prequel yet, here are some shows you’d most probably enjoy as well.

Eight years and eight seasons later, Game of Thrones has come to an end. For the past years, we have all been accustomed to the agonizing pain of waiting for a new season. But this time, there won’t be any more to come—only a prequel that’s been announced. While nothing is final about the prequel yet, there’s really no satisfying any of us with the end of the greatest TV show of the decade. So we put together a bunch of shows you can enjoy while waiting for more updates about the prequel. In an attempt to quench our insatiable thirst for more GoT, here is a couple of series to binge if you’re really into series like Game of Thrones.

If you are in it for the medieval era

A lot of people have started watching Game of Thrones for its setting. Movies have been dedicated in this time and these have all proven to be huge successes. If you are in need of more of these, The Last Kingdom has got you. Aside from its setting, it also has incredible action sequences that add up to its thrilling historical drama.

If you are in it for the war

Brutal, thrilling, smart, and on-point—Vikings is probably a gem you have yet to hear about. With one season hitting 100% at Rotten Tomatoes’ tomatometer, it is safe to say that you’re in it for a ride on this one.

If you are in it for the politics

Politics has always been front and center for GoT. For eight seasons we have continuously pitted the characters against each other. Who’s the rightful one to rule the seven kingdoms and sit on the Iron Throne? Just as Dynasty, House of Cards, and Empire put politics up front, we’ll find these series just as thrilling with calculated tactics and the lust for power and glory.

If you are in it for the dragons

Imminent war and dragons—that’s what you’re going to find in The Dragon Prince. The animated series streaming on Netflix poses brilliant narration by Avatar: The Last Airbender head writer Aaron Ehasz and Uncharted series game developer and director Justin Richmond.

If you are in it for the blood

Everybody loves the blood and violence that went on in the series. To catch on with the outcome of war, series like Westworld and Preacher will feed you just the right amount to excite and entice you.

If you are in it for imminent apocalypse

Most of the series went on with the incredibly popular prophecy. “Winter is coming,” they said and the Good Omens doesn’t lack when it comes to imminent ends and an attempt to prevent it. Though unlike GoT, the show will be lighter for its dark humor.

If you are in it for the sex

The sins, the steamy sex, and the ravenous thrill—there’s no denying that Game of Thrones didn’t lack on this department. While these are all just bonuses for the exhilarating power play and war, we can’t help but want more. See more of these themes in Lucifer, Outlander, and Altered Carbon.

If you are in it for the women

It’s no secret that women have played amazing roles in the recently concluded series. So if you’re in it for the women of the show, you’d most likely love the tension, the drama, the power, and the appeal of the women from Dynasty, Little Big Lies, and The Good Fight.

If you are in it for the fashion

If you spend a lot of time criticizing, adoring, or simply analyzing each character’s looks and sense of style, Killing Eve might just be the perfect show for you. Good news is that it still involves killing in style just like in Game of Thrones.

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