New To Working Out? Gear Up With This New Swiss Athletic Brand

New To Working Out? Gear Up With This New Swiss Athletic Brand


Don’t know where to start before hitting the gym? This budget-friendly sports label will be your best move yet.

So, you’re new to working out, you signed up for a gym membership and you’ve finally resolved to follow through this time around. Before actually hitting the gym, you first have to make sure you have the right gear in check that not only feels good, but looks stylish as well. Yes, those two in one apparel is possible these days thanks to brands taking all these into premium consideration. No more drab days at the musky gym for us.

Now, you are hit with a constant question in your mind: How would you know the right threads and shoe to buy? Don’t worry, that’s normal. We’ve all been there. To answer that question, when buying anything related to fashion, always consider two things: quality and price.

There are clothing and shoes that will surely cost you a fortune, but it won’t last long. There are products that are cheap, but will be your best pal for years before it gives up on you. And the perfect example for the latter is none other than Swiss brand Pro Touch.

Thanks to Planet Sports Inc. they finally launched Switzerland’s top-performing athletic brand. Introduced in 1992, Pro Touch offers a wide selection of athletic goods catering to sports enthusiasts of all ages. Despite the unbeatable price points their products are sold at, the Swiss brand guarantees that each product released in the market is created with innovative technologies, high-quality materials, and of course, up-to-date designs.

But more than the affordability of their products, what really sets them apart from other sports brands is that they use ecological materials. And they’re not just your quintessentially recycled fabrics and the word ‘sustainable’ slapped on the fits. Because Pro Touch uses natural miDori plant seed oil to keep you dry and comfortable during physical activity.

Pro Touch PH’s Brand Manager Miguel Punsalan

According to Pro Touch PH’s brand manager Miguel Punsalan, “all apparel in our market are environmentally-friendly, as we use miDori plant seed oil layering and Polygiene technology to prevent foul-smelling odors.”

In addition, their entire footwear collection is made up of Ortholite, an open-cell PU foam that is 95-100 percent breathable. The unique open cell structure creates a moisture management system inside the shoe by moving moisture away from the foot and leaving it dryer than other insoles would. Now, that’s what we call a true fashion innovation.

After all, Pro Touch believes that it’s high time to support athletes, especially the aspiring ones, to maximize their full potential. How? By giving the best possible products at exceptionally competitive prices.

Pro Touch is exclusively available at the Intersport, Ayala Malls Vertis North and all Planet Sports and Sports Warehouse retail stores nationwide. Follow Pro Touch on Facebook and Instagram @protouch_PH for more updates.

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