New Year, New Hair: Why It’s Worth Investing In A Hairstyle By JuRo

New Year, New Hair: Why It’s Worth Investing In A Hairstyle By JuRo


Let me start by telling you this: getting your tresses styled by Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco will definitely cost you. But despite the fact that their services are on the pricier side, loyal clients claim of their wonders, with some of them even flying in from other parts of the world just for an appointment in JuRo Salon Exclusif, tucked in Burgos Circle, BGC.

As soon as the two arrive at the studio for their shoot, one can easily sense how approachable they are regardless of their status. Both Hipolito and Velasco are incredibly easy to talk to, as they are patient, observant, brimming with insight—the qualities of an ideal conversationalist. It is these very strengths that they use in their salon, resulting in happy clients who all feel deeply cared for.

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“Genuinely caring about our clients and their hair sums up what JuRo is all about,” shares Hipolito, who specializes in cutting hair while his partner Velasco focuses on color. In addition to this, they share that what truly sets their salon apart from others is their deep passion for the craft, where they are constantly pushing each other to learn more.

So, what exactly is an experience with them like? “Each time we do a client’s hair, we take into consideration the following: the haircut and color they are ready for, hair type—its texture, density, hair and scalp condition, growth patterns—head shape, face shape and profile, skin tone, body proportions, lifestyle, the time in the salon to do their hair, home maintenance and budget,” Hipolito shares. Quite a lot to take in for someone who isn’t as experienced with hair, but to them, these factors all come in naturally. Velasco adds that as passionate as they are with the art of hairdressing, there should be a practical balance to it as well: “We should remember that when we do hair, it’s not just art. It should be wearable too.”

Velasco, whose background includes working for top international color brands in the Philippines, then gives me a lesson on the essence of hair color, which many still unfortunately fail to understand: that it is simply meant to enhance the cut. When a client goes to her wanting a certain color and she senses that it isn’t a great fit for her cut, she gently lets them know and they adjust accordingly from there with Hipolito’s help. “Think of it it this way—it is just like a house,” she begins, “the designs and details are useless if its structure isn’t nice.”

The result of their teamwork? Hair that has grown out nice and evenly, whether that client chooses to come back to their salon quarterly, once a year, or maybe even once every two years. This certainly explains the price, which definitely seems to be worth it. “When a potential client tells us that we’re expensive, we simply encourage them to find out why. We used to justify this complaint by telling them our credentials and training experience, but honestly, that is all talk. Once they see us do their hair, they will know why,” shares Hipolito.

The two have certainly come a long way since their first salon in Alabang in the early 2000s. Since then, word of their work spread like wildfire. Referrals from clients, features on magazines and television, and being given awards later on helped establish their salon in the industry. However, it doesn’t stop there—Hipolito and Velasco continuously give back to their industry as well. “We do this through our advocacy, the Japanese NGO called ACTION (A Child’s Trust is Ours to Nurture) and its Power of Scissors teaching program,” they tell me. Through this program, they teach Filipino orphans haircutting skills. In addition to this, they also continue to share their gifts by training hair educators of hair companies through local and international hair seminars.

Hipolito and Velasco also have some valuable pieces of advice for individuals who want to enter the industry, sharing, “Work hard and strive for the continuous improvement of your work. But also have fun while you’re doing it! Believe us, customers will drive and even fly just to pay for quality service.”

JuRo Salon Exclusif is located at 2F Kensington Palace, 1st Avenue corner 29th Street, Bonifacio Global City. You may contact them at +632-822-5673. For more information about them, you can head over to their Instagram page (@jurosalonexclusif) and Facebook Page (JuRo Salon Exclusif).

As seen on MEGA Magazine February 2018.

Photography Dookie Ducay of New Monarq Creativx
Art Director Tanya Mallillin
Sittings Editor Trina Epilepsia Boutain
Makeup and Grooming Pam Merrera
Nails Canzy Cumpa of Nailaholica Pasig
Model Victoria (LVX Modeling Agency)



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