Next Generation Filipino Content Creators: Who We’re Following Now

Next Generation Filipino Content Creators: Who We’re Following Now


The rising trend of Gen Z content creators has seen some new generation of influencers emerge, joining the ranks of their Millennial predecessors. With different takes on content on every social media platform, they all undoubtedly have a long and exciting future ahead of them.

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With a long list of creators emerging every day, we created a list of some of the ones who are worth following. The ones who are the best at their craft, the ones who effectively influence the youth, and the ones who use their platform with purpose to spread awareness.


Niana Guerrero

Dancing since she learned how to walk, Niana grew up right before our eyes. With 11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, 10.3 million on Instagram, 13 million on Facebook, and 12.8 million on TikTok, Niana has one of the largest following in the Filipino YouTuber community. Her content consists mostly of her dance videos and vlogs with her older brother, Ranz Kyle.

Ry Velasco

Ry Velasco is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger with 673k subscribers on YouTube. A rising YouTube star in the making, Ry knows her way around makeup, good fashion steals, and authentic lifestyle content. Ry has 233k followers on Instagram, which is also worth following because that’s where she posts her product recommendations and vlog updates.


Bella Racelis is an 18-year-old YouTuber with 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube. Her vlogs include college advice, beauty tutorials, clothing hauls, and study tips. On Instagram, she has 523k followers.

Rei Germar

Rei Germar was one of the first “next-gen” vloggers who successfully grew her platform on YouTube in a short amount of time. Because of her authentic content on beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, she now has 1.41 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.1 million followers on Instagram.


Yanyan De Jesus

Yanyan De Jesus is one of the leading Gen Z content creators on TikTok. Yanyan showcases his talent for makeup, dance videos, and POV skits. With almost 10 million followers on TikTok, 321k followers on YouTube, and 315k followers on Instagram, Yanyan is sure to catch your attention with his energy and content.

Inka Magnaye

There’s no one who exudes more soothing but confident energy than VO artist, Inka Magnaye. Her rise to fame started on TikTok when she shared her job as a voice talent for Philippine Airlines (PAL). She’s the voice behind the in-flight instructional safety announcement of the flag carrier before the plane takes off. So if you’ve ever ridden in PAL, then you’ll know her voice even without seeing her. She has 922k followers on TikTok, 137.1k followers on Twitter, 127k on Instagram, and 223k on Facebook.

Macoy Dubs

Macoy Dubs, who’s known for his viral Aunt Julie POV skits on TikTok is easily relatable to anyone who has a Filipino tita (or is one, yourself!) With 458.8k followers on TikTok, 984k on Facebook, and 300.4k on Twitter, he’s impossible to miss on your feed. Bringing joy, laughter, and unfiltered content, Macoy is one rising content creator worth listening to and watching.

Benedict Cua

There’s a certain “boy-next-door who can make you laugh” kind of vibe when you watch Benedict Cua. As humble as he is talented, Benedict makes lighthearted content that makes you feel like you’re one of his close friends. From posting TikTok lipsync videos, actually singing (without the dub!), and making fun vlogs with his YouTuber friends, you won’t get bored watching his videos. He has 2.5 million followers on TikTok, 1.46 million subscribers on YouTube, and 543k followers on Instagram.

Rain Matienzo

New to the TikTok radar, but a natural in the spotlight, UAAP S82 courtside reporter Rain Matienzo has had several of her POV TikToks go viral on social media. Because we all know that one student, one classmate, one friend, or one ex-girlfriend you low-key hate and she captures it perfectly. You’ll love her as much as you hate her–she’s just that convincing. Her TikTok has 79k followers and 20.7k followers on Twitter.

Joyce Glorioso, known as Joyangtv piques the funny bone of those who enjoy painfully awkward yet hilarious dance and skit videos on TikTok. She has 419k followers on TikTok, and 20.9k followers on Twitter.


Frankie Pangilinan

Fearless and passionate Frankie Pangilinan–or Kakie–has been greatly admired on Twitter for her outspokenness on social issues. While she acknowledges the privilege of being the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and the senator Francis Pangilinan, there’s no sugarcoating in her words when it comes to speaking her mind. She has 229.3k followers on Twitter and 303k followers on Instagram, both of which she shares her music, opinion, and writing, too.


Dora Dorado, known as Doracrybaby, rose to the spotlight on TikTok during the quarantine for bringing light to political issues through dancing. However, you can find Dora on Twitter, too. He has 81.5k followers on TikTok, 75.5k followers on Twitter, and 26.1k on Instagram. And most recently, he had his YouTube channel, which is steadily rising to prominence as well.


AC Soriano started as a YouTube vlogger. His travel to Korea is one of his most viewed content. However, aside from his refreshing humor in his video content, AC also uses his platform to spread awareness and help those in need, especially when the rise of COVID-19 cases started rising. During the start of the lockdown, he used his Twitter to set up a donation drive, garnering P400,000 cash donations which then went to front liners through the Office of the Vice President, Sitio San Roque and five other beneficiaries. He has 164k Twitter followers, 156k YouTube subscribers, and 120k Instagram followers.

Jai Cabajar

Another fearless Twitter influencer and medical front liner, Jai Cabajar, is one worth adding to your following list. There isn’t a Twitter timeline in the Filipino Twitterverse who doesn’t have his tweet appear at least once. He is an influential medical figure who doesn’t shy away with calling out injustices, and government inaction, if necessary. He has 125k followers on Twitter.


Andrea Brillantes

Hitting her 10 million follower mark on Instagram just recently, Andrea Brillantes is the talented and stunning Gen Z celebrity you’d want to keep your eyes on. She has been acting since she was about six years old. A career-driven workaholic, Blythe is showing no signs of stopping as she leads the next generation of actors in showbiz. She has 2.28 million subscribers on YouTube and 7.6 million followers on TikTok.

Bella Poarch

A proud Filipina and a US Navy Veteran, Bella Poarch is another rising star you’ll want to keep on your social media radar. She has 4.4 million followers on Instagram and 25.5 million followers on TikTok, where she gets viral for cute e-girl face zoom challenges and creative makeup videos.

Kerwin King

If you have an appreciation for art and photography, Kerwin King is just the man to follow. He has 125k followers on Instagram where he frequently posts his artworks, his stance on social issues, and of course, self-portraits.

Erika Rae Raymundo

Erika Rae made waves on social media as the bombshell daughter of Ina Raymundo. But aside from her charming good looks, Erika likes to post candid videos goofing off with her tightknit family, snippets of herself singing (she has an amazing voice btw!) and her funny TikTok videos. She has 641k followers on Instagram and 148.3k followers on TikTok.

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