This Next Generation of Trailblazers Shows that Slowing Down is Not an Option

This Next Generation of Trailblazers Shows that Slowing Down is Not an Option


Passion is something we all share, no matter our profession and where we come from. It serves as our fuel for our journey to success. To follow our passion, we need a helping hand to guide us to get where we want to be. This is something that gives us a new perspective. Something that aids us in tackling our daily tasks. And of course, reliable when we need help the most. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Take inspiration from some of the most passionate and successful people in the business and learn how they do their daily grind with the help of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Bea Soriano-Dee and Jess Wilson

Bea Soriano-Dee and Jess Wilson are successful individuals on their own. The lifestyle mavens are also part of the team of the successful brand, Sunnies Studios. From selling sunglasses to opening up cafes, and now a renowned beauty brand, Sunnies has become a lifestyle staple. As a head of operations and a brand manager respectively, Bea and Jess manage their business’ online portfolio on a regular basis to keep up with the trends and stay on top. Aided by Samsung Galaxy S10’s infinity display, they see the world in a borderless way where they are free to step out of the lines and go out of the norm. Powered by the phone’s amazing laptop-like performance, Bea and Jess can keep track of the company’s progress and multitask easily whenever and wherever. Having a phone capable of letting you be your best makes running a business a breeze.

BJ Pascual

Famed for his star-studded photographs, BJ Pascual is the talent behind local celebrities’ iconic portraits. The California-raised shutterbug is able to tell vivid stories in a single snap—much like the Samsung Galaxy S10’s True Vision Camera. Both BJ and the True Vision Camera immortalize moments in colorful portraits with life-like detail with the help of the Dual Pixel Sensor and the plethora of lenses found at the phone’s rear. Each moment can be picture-perfect with a single snapshot. With a whole camera kit in his pocket, BJ can take his talents everywhere he goes.

Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee truly stands out in the field of filmmaking. The director of the hit movie “Baka Bukas” is as passionate about the art of movie-making as it gets.  But she doesn’t just stop there. Samantha also highlights the importance of recognizing and respecting the other spectrum of genders known. The stories in her head are best told through the lenses of the Galaxy S10 with its True Vision Camera and its high motion video stability and 4k UHD clarity. Together with the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samantha can produce new stories to tell with impeccable visual and minimal hassle. Her powerful voice is also amplified through the use of Samsung Galaxy S10’s consistent and formidable performance. With an advanced processor and a hefty amount of RAM, the phone is able to keep up with Samantha’s fast-paced life and record her thoughts as they occur.

Charina Sarte

Charina witnessed the thrills and wonders of the fashion industry at a young age. Following the footsteps of her kin, she rose to fame and made a name for herself. From wedding dresses to everyday casual wear, her range of styles is as vast as the Samsung Galaxy S10’s Infinity Display. With this boundless display, she’s free to see outside the borders and explore a whole new world of creative possibilities. Through the different views made available to her by the Galaxy S10’s variation of lenses with the True Vision Camera, she is able to seek inspiration in the little details around her and translates them into wonderful accents, details, and silhouettes for her creations.

Katz Salao

A radio DJ and Ride Revolution instructor, Katz Salao proves she knows her beats and how to groove to them. She lives an active on-the-go lifestyle which she maneuvers with utmost grace. Her ability to slide in and out of her two roles is an inspiration to this generation of multi-hyphenates who are ready to take on the world. Each experience she shares online serves as a source of power for onlookers to go after their own objectives. This is much like how the Galaxy S10’s Wireless PowerShare shares energy to others so they can do more. An avid music-lover, it’s no surprise that Katz always has her Galaxy Buds on which she can also charge wirelessly through the Wireless PowerShare. With the Galaxy S10, she’s well-equipped to live her best life every day.

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