Next in Must-Haves: The Re-edition Gucci Bamboo 1947

Next in Must-Haves: The Re-edition Gucci Bamboo 1947


Tracing back to the enduring bond that exists between a woman and her bag, the re-edition Gucci Bamboo 1947 depicts this very connection that grows deeper over time

Amid Italy’s post-war era in 1947, where traditional, raw materials were difficult to come by, Gucci’s founder, Guccio Gucci, with the help of the house’s visionary Florentine artisans, decided to use the lightweight and durable bamboo for the handle of a purse. The paradigm of design coherence and the authority of leather was gracefully challenged by the bamboo in a game of contrasts that defied the aesthetic rules of the time. Today, the renowned design of the Gucci Bamboo 1947 is at the heart of the House’s signature bag collection.

There is a highly technical process behind crafting this emblematic curved stalk. A craftsman first selects the most unblemished pieces of bamboo, which are then softened and worked over an open flame by hand to manipulate the material into a semi-circular form. Once shaped, the handle is coated in multiple layers of lacquer, after which it is baked to achieve a shiny golden brown finish. Due to this meticulous process, not a single bamboo handle is ever the same. 

Following its debut, the Bamboo bag became a fixture among Hollywood’s leading ladies and the jet-setters, consolidating the style’s status as an innovative icon around the world. The current Gucci Bamboo 1947 is distinguished by interchangeable leather and Web straps, adding to the style’s functionality. Both straps are detachable and adjustable, making it a highly versatile accessory, suitable for myriad occasions.  

Presented in different combinations that evoke diverse attitudes, the top handle bag comes in varying sizes and materials. The line is presented in timeless color palettes as well as seasonal variations, and is enriched by refined evening styles and precious leather iterations.

Photos courtesy of GUCCI

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