A Style for All Stages: Nike Takes It Further in Serving Women

A Style for All Stages: Nike Takes It Further in Serving Women


Motherhood is a lifelong athletic endeavor, and mothers are the strongest endurance athletes

Pregnancy is one of the most transformative stages in a woman’s life, both physically and emotionally. She deals with loose skin, wider hips, the scar from surgical incisions, and postpartum blues among others. On top of that, it can be incredibly difficult for an expectant mother to find maternity activewear that snugs her changing body comfortably and suits her changing needs. Fortunately, Nike (M) allows moms to invest in pieces that grow with them through months of growing a human inside her belly and beyond, while still being active or being able to do yoga, pilates, and floor exercises.

In this photo: Host, radio DJ, and sportscaster Bea Fabregas poses with her son Tyler, wearing an all-black Nike (M) Bra, Tank, and Shorts

Nike (M) is the brand’s first ever four-piece maternity collection, all meant to adapt to a woman’s changing body before, during, and after pregnancy. The ensemble is designed in collaboration with 30 female athletes, including Alex Morgan and Michelle Wie, to ensure that the line is bespoke to women’s body shapes in different stages of their lives, as they remain active and play sports.

With a team of mothers and mothers-to-be, Nike put the perspective of moms front and center. The athletic apparel brand collected data from over 150,000 body scans of women around the world to learn how a woman’s body changes throughout the trimesters and beyond. Nike also tested out 70 materials before deciding to go with recycled polyesters that actually support and adapt to the female body, all while being committed to sustainability.

1. Nike Swoosh (M) Bra

This sports bra offers medium support and adapts to the body effortlessly with an elastic rib band slider, rather than an excessive amount of maternity clips. With a wrapped-and-layered design, the bra can be easily pulled down by breastfeeding mothers for nursing or pumping. Further, the bra’s evaporation fabric was engineered to help reduce the visibility of moisture from showing on the outside of the fabric.

Bea Fabregas, a sportscaster who is in her tenth month postpartum, attests to this. “Nike (M) has good support [and allows for] easy access [in] nursing my son… I love that when I get dressed for my workout, I can breastfeed Tyler right before I leave the house with ease.”

2. Nike Dri-FIT (M) Tank

This scoop neck tank top fits like a second skin as it adapts to the bump throughout the pregnancy. Postpartum, the tank’s material hugs your post-pregnancy body and returns to its original shape without any visible stretch.

Bea shares that with the collection on her side, her journey has been really convenient and comfortable. “I don’t have to think about whether or not my tummy will be comfortable when I’m working out, because the fabric [of Nike (M)] can cater to a pregnant belly and a postpartum belly.”

Nike (M) collection was created using sports-science technology and versatile body-loving design.

3. Nike One (M) Leggings

This pair of tights contains Nike (M)’s stretchiest fabric with zero elastics. This means that the belly band adjusts comfortably with the bump and contracts after the third trimester. In effect, the polyester hugs perfectly to your figure and contours, flaunting a flattering shape through all nine months of pregnancy and even after that.

“When you are pregnant the reality is you’re not always comfortable, and working out in the best gear makes a world of a difference. [It] makes [the] workout so much more efficient and purposeful,” Bea tells MEGA. “I love that these products help with that. I feel super sleek when I’m [wearing] the Nike (M) collection.”

4. Nike (M) Pullover

This shape-shifting maternity jacket is made with a super soft material in an inverted tulip design that can be worn in reverse during pregnancy. It features a closure-free system without buttons and allows for full coverage of your growing bump, as well as for discreet feeding.

“There is a lot of effort that needs to be put into being comfortable in our own bodies, and I don’t think people realize how much confidence comes when clothes are the perfect fit… [So,] knowing that this was made with me in mind, I feel so motivated.”

Bea Fabregas, sportscaster and mom to 10-month old Tyler
Bea Fabregas wearing Nike (M) Pullover in a lavender color

The Nike (M) Collection is designed to support a woman on the greatest marathon in her life called motherhood. The ensemble’s inclusive, stylish, and high-performing product designs strengthen her relationship with sport, and effortlessly fit into her life—because mom isn’t the only identity that women have.

In all stages of your life, Nike (M) will be on your side. Visit Nike.com to see the full maternity collection. Don’t forget to catch them at any Nike store starting September 2022.

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