Ace The Off-Duty Model Look Ala Top Model Sharina Gutierrez

Ace The Off-Duty Model Look Ala Top Model Sharina Gutierrez


As street style remains to be a cultural obsession, and countless of model’s photos are teeming social media making everyone envious, there is always a question that lingers in our minds: what really makes an off-duty model look?

With Sharina Gutierrez’s homecoming, she took the time to share us the secret on how to ace the most wanted look by every Millennial—a laid-back aura while keeping a sophisticated look. Having been in the global fashion stage since age 12, scoring her first Italian Vogue editorial with Michael Comte that young, she’s undeniably one of the top models to get the perfect advice from.

Sequined bustier, feathered belt, and pencil skirt, all by CHRIS DIAZ

Don’t Follow The Trend

Believing that there is truly no reason for you to sacrifice your identity in the process of finding your own style, Sharina advises not to follow the trend. According to her, “you can look at what someone else is wearing [for inspiration], but it doesn’t mean that it will look good on you, because that is her own personal style.”

Sharina explains that in order to look fabulous whatever you’re wearing—even if it’s just a plain t-shirt and jeans—you should “know how to incorporate your own style with the new style… and I think that is beautiful.”

Tulle and corset gown by ANTHONY RAMIREZ

Don’t Overthink, Own It

Sharina shares that in order “to accomplish and perfect that off-duty model look, it’s to put on what you believe looks good and don’t be afraid [of it].” After all, it never matters if you are wearing hand-me-down clothes, something you bought at a thrift store, or a high fashion label like Valentino, because at the end of the day it’s always going to be what you want and what you feel.

“As long as you could be confident in it or feel confident in it, and you think it’s beautiful, and if you walk out the door like damn I’m fabulous, everyone is gonna think you’re fabulous,” Sharina emphasizes. “Just don’t ever question yourself. Because once you question [your look], then your whole body will question it.”

Now, go out there and strut like a top model. Quoting Sharina one last time, “own whatever you’re gonna wear because that’s you.”

Follow Sharina Gutierrez on Instagram @sharinagutierrez for more style inspirations.

Photography by Jerick Sanchez
Art direction by Tanya Mallillin
Styling by RJ Roque assisted by Daniel Reyes
Beauty direction by Marella Ricketts
Makeup by Aica Latay
Hair by JA Feliciano


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