On Day Four of BYS Fashion Week, the Sun Sets and the Woman Rises

On Day Four of BYS Fashion Week, the Sun Sets and the Woman Rises


The final day of BYS Fashion Week solely presented the collection of Vania Romoff, dedicating it to the empowerment of women

 Water, with its associations of healing, purity, serenity, and the wellspring of life, has long been intertwined with the concept of femininity. Among the classical elements, water distinguishes itself with its inherent elegance, flowing with an innate grace. It’s no surprise, then, that water is often emblematic of the divine feminine, exuding energies that embrace, comfort, and lead us back to our origins. Then, suddenly, the sun burst forth with a sudden presence.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, a celestial duel unfolded before us: water and sun, each representing the essence of flow and the radiance of presence. These two elemental forces, born of nature herself, engaged in an ageless conflict. It was a contest of supremacy, a battle to determine which held greater power, might, and influence over the world. Between the war, the final BYS show began.

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The grand finale of the event showcased the talent of a single designer, Vania Romoff, who took the runway by storm with her collection titled Woman. It was an exploration of femininity, embodying the delicate balance of softness and strength that defines the modern empowered woman.

It was a collective of flowing romance—a romance nurtured and brought to life through the unwavering dedication of a woman. It began with a fittingly elemental overture: the haunting notes of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work.” Silk, satin, and tulle took center stage, paying homage to the essence of womanhood. Pearls, both adorned and adored, graced the designs. Whether they deluge in low-cut cascades, gathered in elegant ruches, or unfurled in pleated and folded forms, they triumphed individually and as a collective whole. Each piece possessed a unique identity, standing alone with grace and distinction, yet when brought together, they formed a magnificent tapestry of unity. 

A palette dominated by soothing, earthy tones conquered the runway, offering a sense of ease and tranquility. However, beneath this serene exterior lay an undeniable power and strength, brimming with life and vitality, leaving no room for doubt—it was a celebration of a woman who was always living, loving, and laughing. The finale anthem, Donna Lewis’ “I Love You Always and Forever,” aptly encapsulated the collection’s essence, a reminder of its nurturing qualities. It effortlessly breathes, flows, nourishes, and bestows without expecting anything in return. It embodies the very essence of true love. As the models glided down the runway, there was an undeniable air of camaraderie and delight, as if warmth and congeniality were inherent to them. They exuded a profound happiness in being there, draped in these exquisite designs, dreamt of wearing her: Vania Romoff. 

Vania Romoff BYS Fashion Week

Vania Romoff’s dedication to her craft flows like a steady stream, mirroring the adaptability required to navigate the ever-evolving local fashion landscape. The designer’s success reflects the continuous growth within the Philippine fashion industry, where new talents bubble up like springs of fresh creativity. Her achievements stand as a testament to the boundless potential of the local fashion scene, given the right resources and opportunities to make waves.

Vania Romoff BYS Fashion Week

The final drum of BYS Fashion Week reverberated through the air, and Vania Romoff’s Woman left an indelible impression—a triumphant celebration of women, their resilience, and their innate capacity to seamlessly embody both strength and elegance. It served as a fitting conclusion to a week filled with creativity and self-expression, a tribute to the vibrant diversity of Filipino identity through fashion. As the sun fades below the horizon, the woman didn’t; she endured, she flourished, and she emerged victorious.


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