On Her New Vlog, Kathryn Bernardo Revisits Her Making MEGA In Iceland Memories With Daniel Padilla

On Her New Vlog, Kathryn Bernardo Revisits Her Making MEGA In Iceland Memories With Daniel Padilla


Has it been that long since the Making MEGA in Iceland edition? While it only feels like yesterday, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla recall their first time in the country through this latest vlog episode.

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“No bad days in Iceland,” says Kathryn Bernardo in her vlog during their morning walk where they got to enjoy a panoramic view of the Nordic country. It was last Friday, January 3, when Kathryn finally launched her YouTube channel and in less than a week, her subscribers climbed up to more than 698,000. The coming of Kathryn’s vlog is indeed a post-Christmas present to all her fans, also if it’s safe to assume that we will see more of Daniel Padilla in her upcoming videos. In this in depth, first-hand experience, it’s like we get in on their every journey, even to the most personal ones.

In the first entry of Everyday Kath, from visiting famed falls to hiking peaks of Iceland, taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon to buying groceries like a local, Kathryn and Daniel shared how tiring yet fun their vacation went. And while they were at it, the pair tried to recreate Making MEGA in Iceland where she looks really adorable.

Embarking on this all-out, solely vacation trip, Kathryn and Daniel made sure to check-off some Iceland adventures on their bucketlist. Including the unexpected appearance of the northern lights on their first day there, witnessing the magical Aurora Borealis right before their eyes, which they failed to see during the Making MEGA shoot. As indicated in her vlog’s title, what we watched was just the first part of their Iceland trip. Needless to say, we cannot wait to see what she is in store us for the next story. 

Watch Kathryn Bernardo’s vlog on We’re In Iceland (Part 1) here: 

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