One Night Only: Things Are About To Get Delicious With Violet Chachki In Manila

One Night Only: Things Are About To Get Delicious With Violet Chachki In Manila


Taking her unique brand of drag to this side of the world, Violet Chachki is bound push boundaries and break barriers with her show, One Delicious Night, a breathtaking coming together of fashion, fantasy, and fearless drag. Are you ready for this?

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When history, or more appropriately, herstory, writes itself, this point of the timeline would be referred to as the Golden Age of Drag. Rising from the underbellies of the dingy club scenes to cracking a pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow (no leprechauns included), what with a mainstream TV show acting as a beacon of hope to a congregation of often ostracized along-the-margins people, as well as of the veins that bring life to the scene, such as conventions, music, and tours, the art of gender bending, the illusion, the camp, and the necessary middle finger that is part and parcel of the sequined package has reached an all-time high. From cult status to striking a semblance of classic permanence, drag has fully infiltrated the conscious of the mainstream, resuscitating  a society riddled with decay and charging it with a message of empathy, inclusivity, and simply put, just love.

Not only has drag and the steady stable of queens that have rightfully been inducted to rock star statuses worked the world, they have truly taken over. Trickling over from highly liberal to even tempestuously conservative corners of the world, this dominance of a counterculture turned pervading cultural key point has transformed the entertainment scene from just finger wags and a chorus of ‘yasss queen.’ Today, drag has become an evolved, fully realized facet that has seen everything from the typical, the political, and the satirical. Much like the spectrum of colors it represents, there now is a drag for just about everyone. Oh, what a glorious time to be alive, right?

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Ever since drag queens of international caliber, often anointed with the golden touch of supermodel of the world and mother of them all, RuPaul, started mounting shows here in Manila, there are a few names that local fans have consistently been clamoring for, and one of them is the unparalleled, unapologetic, and unequivocal Violet Chachki.

Who could forget her gif-turning moment on the first episode of season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race when she slayed the runway in an actual two-in-one moment in a black sequined number that revealed to a tartan ensemble? It was at that split-second spin that the world knew without a morsel of doubt that she was the winner, baby. No fluke either, she went on to command the rest of the season with the coquettish grace of Dita Von Teese and a sass that juxtaposed a finessed veneer, eventually earning her the coveted crown as the next drag superstar.

Unequalled in fashion, Violet Chachki even made sure no one forgets about her when she turned over the crown in the succeeding season. Decked out in a breathtaking and indulgent teal ball gown, she ended her reign on an exclamation point, not a period, when at the tuck of her hood, there revealed a crown seemingly growing out of her skull, complete with marbling of blue veins, no less. It was clear then as it is now: There is no one quite like Violet Chachki, and we just have to have a taste of her magic.

Fresh off the heels of Werq The World and A Lot More Me, she is set to enchant and enthrall Manila with her unique brand of drag in One Delicious Night! Violet Chachki Live In Manila. Sure, it’s stylish and campy, but it’s a lot more distilled that what we are used to. Much more refined and subtle than the high-octane shows of her contemporaries, the Violet Chachki experience remains to be equally if not more gag-worthy with its distinct mix of fashion, burlesque, and yes, circus. Decked out in an assortment of bedazzling looks, the cinched-for-the-gods, neo-burlesque queen is set to challenge and break the norms of gender and drag with a sophisticated and show-stopping visuals that incorporate striptease, aerial acrobatics, and fetish aesthetics.


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For one night only, the now iconic Violet Chachki will compel you to leave your preconceived notions and the limits of your inhibitions as she pushes boundaries and breaks barriers with her scintillating and tantalizing show that explores sexuality, challenges a broad spectrum of beauty, and most importantly, promotes unabashed self-love.

Barely able to wait to come on over and glam the city, and so she gushes on her Instagram page, the anticipation for her arrival can hardly be contained as we speak. So, are you just going to let this opportunity pass by? Go ahead and take a bite of this delicious night and forever be charmed and changed by the one, the only Violet Chachki.

Produced by Purple Sage Asia, don’t miss out on One Delicious Night! Violet Chacki Live In Manila on December 10, 2019 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila. Be sure to keep an eye out for promos and special bundles on their Instagram page. Meanwhile, tickets and more information are available at Ticketworld.

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