One To Watch: P1Harmony Sets The Bar With The Very First K-POP Movie Debut

One To Watch: P1Harmony Sets The Bar With The Very First K-POP Movie Debut


Meet KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL, and JONGSEOB of P1Harmony, the newest K-pop boy band that are not only artists, but actors as well.

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Hey, K-pop fans! Have you ever heard of the a K-pop cinematic universe? Well, if you haven’t, then you should probably check out the newest K-pop boy band, P1Harmony. These boys have got it all: vocals, dance moves, visuals, and even acting skills. Yes, you heard that right, acting skills. KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL, and JONGSEOB are debuting through a K-pop film titled, P1H: A New World Begins. The group is the first in history to be debuting via a cross-general blockbuster film. Lucky for you MEGA has got an exclusive on the new boys of FNC Entertainment.

P1Harmony on P1H: A New World Begins
The boys of P1Harmony worked day and night to bring the best performance in their debut, because the first ever K-pop movie debut was not a walk in the park to achieve. KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL, and JONGSEOB had to dedicate long hours in preparing their vocals, dance routines, and their acting skills. The group even had formal acting lessons prior to shooting the debut movie.

MEGA: How was the group formed and when did you start training together?

KEEHO: It’s been a year and half since we trained as a team. We were formed with the 6 members who had the best chemistry and the best harmony as we practiced.

MEGA: How does it feel like debuting through your movie, P1H: A New World Begins? Are you excited?

INTAK: I think it was an honor to be the very first group to debut with a movie. I thought it was so cool. 

MEGA: How did P1Harmony prepare their acting skills for the film?

THEO: We had continuous acting lessons for the 2 months, which was the preparation time for the movie. I searched actors acting scenes to study.

The Talent Behind P1Harmony’s Music
If there’s one thing that we noticed about P1Harmony’s music, it’s that they have a sound like no other K-pop group we’ve heard before. The group was adamant about creating their own identity and forming their own path as artists. Aside from this, they are very hands on in all their endeavors. It’s important for a group like P1Harmony to form a distinct personality in their earlier years to create a solid foundation for all the boys.

MEGA: In terms of music, what does P1Harmony have in-store for us in their debut?

KEEHO: I think that we try to put in as much as genre as possible. I personally want to show the audience how many different types of concepts we could pull off. If you listen to the album you won’t find a song that sounds similar to each other. They all have distinct sounds.

MEGA: What was your first impression, when you first heard the songs from the debut?

JONGSEOB: First of all, the siren-like sounds in the beat was very impressive, and I had to think about how the rap part should be like for it to sound good.
P1Harmony’s Take On Molding Their Own Identity
FNC Entertainment has made multiple successful K-pop groups, such as: CNBLUE, AOA, N.Flying, and the likes.. P1Harmony’s group identity is uniquely their own and can not be compared to the company’s past successes. Aside from this, the group continuously improves their music by incorporating messages into the songs that hold a deeper meaning.

MEGA: What makes P1Harmony different from the other K-pop groups?

JIUNG: We try to contain the identity. We lead in all aspects including composing of music, lyrics and performances. We are involved in the progress from the sketch since our debut. We are trying to lead the activity. For our track, Intro: Breakthrough and That’s It, we completed it from the message and the story. We’ve put our focus on identity even before our debut. We’ll be showcasing results that has been worked with those messages so please stay tuned.

MEGA: Do the members of P1Harmony look up to any other idols from different groups?

THEO: There is something to learn from all of the artists. It could be how they find and look at the camera onstage, facial expressions that changes every stage and more. It was very difficult for me but seeing all the different artists’ perform on stage, I was amazed and I’ve learned a lot.
The Future Of P1Harmony
The future is bright for P1Harmony. After debuting, the group hopes to create more music that resonates to an international and local market. They also dream of one day touring around the world after the pandemic has been lifted. These bright eyed artists are ready to take on the world with much to offer to their fans.

MEGA: Will P1Harmony be touring to the Philippines, as soon as the pandemic is lifted?

INTAK: Yes! If we have the chance, we will visit the Philippines and meet our Filipino fans.

MEGA: What’s in-store for P1Harmony in the coming years?

KEEHO: Well, hopefully we continue to make music. More importantly we want to make music that touches people’s hearts musically and with a message and we wish to continuously make music that is genuine and sincere to us.

JIUNG: We are preparing activities that will make us more aware of what kind of group we are. There are different activities that are in progress for P1Harmony to hear that P1Harmony is a distinct group
as the years go by.


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