Open House World: What You Need to Know About the New Youth-Led Creative Group

Open House World: What You Need to Know About the New Youth-Led Creative Group


Gabs Gibbs talks to MEGA about building this youth-led creative group together with partner Marga Bermudez

Whoever said that artistic prowess does not fit the usual entrepreneurial mold? Gabs Gibbs begs to differ. As the creative continues to harness her talents and nurture multiple endeavors, she makes a fine case for amplifying creative ideas from a business standpoint. Beginning with Apotheka and Ugly Duck in Poblacion, now she invites us to her new venture—Open House World (OHW).

Open House Gibbs
Gabs is leading a business under the directive of creatives

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Gabs has had a longstanding and passionate love affair with all things beauty and fashion in recent years. She has made a name for herself for her edgy, distinct, and out-of-the-box visual energy and style. Recently, she even graced the spreads of MEGA for her artistic eye. As a photographer and creative director, she captures emotions, stories, perspectives, and the ever-changing world of the beauty and fashion trends. Now, Gabs is also operating on the other side of the realm—with a youth-led creative group Open House World.

Gabs Gibbs MEGA Magazine
This beauty editorial for the MEGA June issue was photographed, creatively led, and beauty directed by Gabs Gibbs

Following her role of brand director for nightlife concepts such as Apotheka and Ugly Duck, Gabs launched Open House World on May 31 together with co-founder and partner Marga Bermudez.

About Open House World

The multi-creative hub and brand experience group for unique storytelling is a new powerhouse agency grounded in innovation and vision. After being in entertainment and fashion for so long, Gabs tells MEGA that she and Marga have always wanted to create a branding firm that can serve as a canvas for creative energy. They felt it was time to make a change and dedicate themselves to an environment where all voices, ideas, and artistic mediums could come together.

The Open House World team, led by Marga Bermudez
Gabs Gibbs and Marga Bermudez during the launch of Open House World

Following this decision, Gabs and Marga put together a group of transformative, dynamic, creative innovators, who could tie the venture together: product, story, target, clients, and solution. “Our team is made up of inspiring artists, tech wizards, innovative creatives, and strategists,” Gabs shares with MEGA. “We wanted people who were eager to push boundaries and shake things up. I’ve known my partners and teammates through their amazing work in their respective fields; their talent and dedication made it easy to trust and collaborate with them.” 

A Creative-Led Transformation

Gabs Gibbs aims to nurture all kinds of creatives through Open House World

This is the heart of Open House World: the young, creative mix continuously experimenting with ideas using storytelling prowess. Gabs and Marga made sure that Open House World is composed of individuals who possess a craving for creativity, control, and potential for impact. “Diversity is our secret weapon. We aimed to bridge creatives who are just starting out with those looking to connect with modern, inventive projects,” Gabs explains. “This eclectic mix of people and perspectives keeps our ideas fresh and boundary-pushing.”

In the Entrepreneurial Space

Marga Bermudez and Gabbs Gibbs for Open House
Co-founders and partners Gabs and Marga at the launch of Open House World

Specializing in curation, consultancy, content, and events in fashion, lifestyle, music, culinary, and entertainment, Open House World prides itself of online resources and widespread availability of young creatives in the industry. Open House’s team is carving a space in the entrepreneurial world with their extensive online know-how, creative skills in different realms, and swift adaptation to trends. While they were willing to take the risk of ‘switching it up’, Gabs and Marga remain devoted to their creative ethos: integrity, inclusivity, and innovation. Ultimately, these characteristics make the youth-led creative group a promising agent in the evolving sphere of entrepreneurship.

Welcome to Open House World

Open House Laureen Uy
Laureen Uy

The launch of Open House last May saw visionaries and figures such as Nadine Lustre, Laureen Uy, Richard Gutierrez, and more present. The brand also recently culminated its first project in different stops of Siargao Island with Open House Records. Gabs described the experience as both exhilarating and humbling: “We hope to see OHW become a global platform where creatives from all walks of life can find a home. Our vision is to nurture a vibrant, inclusive community that fosters creativity and collaboration on a global scale.”

Mond Gutierrez Open House
Richard Gutierrez
Nadine Lustre Open House
Nadine Lustre

With this vision, Gabs and Marga want to stay true to their values: “We will never compromise on the authenticity of our work or the inclusivity of our community. Every project we undertake is driven by the desire to innovate and inspire. These core values are the heartbeat of Open House World, guiding every decision and partnership.”

Photos and Featured Image: OPEN HOUSE WORLD, GABS GIBBS (Via Instagram)

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