Open This E-Wallet for Smarter Shopping This Holiday Season

Open This E-Wallet for Smarter Shopping This Holiday Season


With “budol” season in full swing, there’s no better time to exercise prudence with your hard-earned cash by using the sulit-est and most rewarding e-wallet out right now in GrabPay

Let’s be honest: shopping online is just one of the greatest joys that the digital age has brought us. 

Treating ourselves to a small gift or two during huge double-number sales is a simple activity, yet it gives us so much excitement. Unfortunately, the same ease that comes in adding your favorite items to cart and checking them out also makes withdrawing cash from your savings fly by a lot faster. Yes, being diligent with your finances can be a chore at times, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t handle this essential element of adult life ill-equipped. 

Whether it’s enjoying exclusive discounts and offerings from your favorite shopping apps, or just experiencing the most reliable and secure e-commerce experience, the ways that GrabPay allows you to prioritize saving up while also enjoying hassle-free budols are endless. With the Christmas season fast approaching, there’s no reason you shouldn’t reward yourself by trying out the sulitest e-wallet out there with GrabPay. 

With the rise of online shopping from the comfort of our homes, going cashless seems to have become a necessity rather than a supplement. With that being said, one e-wallet sports all of the much-needed features to make this transition to cashless life extra easy. 

Quick and efficient, GrabPay does more than just keeping your money in one place. It helps you track your expenses and savings with a sleek and simple interface. And as the most rewarding e-wallet in the country, every transaction made with the GrabPay wallet will let users earn GrabRewards points which they can use to redeem in-app vouchers for their next GrabFood, GrabMart, or even GrabExpress transactions, as well as additional shopping vouchers from well-loved merchants such as Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, and a whole lot more! Bet you didn’t know it, but you can even use your GrabRewards points to redeem an Apple Airpod or an Apple Watch!  

GrabPay also offers the unique feature of having cash-ins through linked bank accounts and fund transfers to any bank account or other e-wallet completely free. Imagine the cash you can save up in avoiding those 15 peso transaction fees!

Need a card but find it a hassle to get one? GrabPay also boasts a Mastercard-powered, digital-first prepaid card that grants access to millions of both global and local merchants with the GrabPay Card. With just a a few taps, you can purchase everything from skincare essentials, grocery items, to even plane tickets! 

With all of these bells and whistles, we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet – the endless amount of exclusive discounts and offers you can enjoy with GrabPay’s wide array of partner-merchants. The chances of maximizing every penny with this app are just too good to ignore, so make sure to do your wallet a favor by giving GrabPay a shot today.

For more information, visit Grab at their official website and follow them at their official Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates.

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