We’re Letting the New OPPO Reno7 5G Capture Our Fashionable Looks in Unlimited Ways

We’re Letting the New OPPO Reno7 5G Capture Our Fashionable Looks in Unlimited Ways


OOTDs aren’t just about the clothes we put on–they’re also a form of expression, whether it pertains to our mood, point of view, or overall identity. And the OPPO Reno7 5G is ready to take snapshots of our looks so we can show everyone who we are.

Living in the era of multiple fashion styles coinciding with the fast pace of the digital world, it’s not surprising that we see a variety of OOTDs online, with new looks and trends popping up everyday. With how advanced everything has become, it’s only a must that we proudly share our favorite looks on our own platforms, expressing ourselves in unlimited, sartorial ways.

It’s fashion meets tech, and what better way to meet in the middle than by taking feed-worthy photos and videos using a phone that’s similar to having a professional camera in our hands? The new OPPO Reno7 5G stands as our go-to partner not only to match our outfits, but also to showcase these aesthetics that boomed in the Gen Z era thanks to its superb camera features and photo and video quality.

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A portrait expert that comes in the form of an ultra-slim and lightweight smartphone, the OPPO Reno7 5G puts the power of DSLR-like photos in the palm of our hands. Whether we’re rocking the classic butterfly sequin top on a night out or the comfiest sweater vest on a binge-reading trip, we’ll finally be able to capture all of our distinct styles as we express our enchanting and vibrant personalities through rich and creatively visual content.

To the year 2000

Throwback styles are now in season! From baby tees, low-rise jeans, all the way to baguette bags and butterfly clips, the Y2K aesthetic is finally back. With trends inspired by the mid-90s and early 2000s, this aesthetic is the perfect balance of then and now. This makes it ideal for the OPPO Reno7 5G to fit right in with its advanced camera feature like the Bokeh Flare Portrait that gives just the right amount of bokeh lights in the background, making our must-see Y2K get-up do nothing but stand out.

Take me to the lakes

It’s undeniable that our resident plantitas will be able to relate to the cottagecore aesthetic that manifests a dreamy garden-filled land, a small cottage up a hill, and a peaceful lake nearby. Romanticizing a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle far away from the city, embodying the cottagecore look also comes with flowy midi-dresses, puff-sleeve tops, corsets, and straw bags. And even if we’re just dreaming all of these in the comfort of our bedrooms, the OPPO Reno7 5G can definitely make it all come to life with its AI Highlight Video feature that increases the overall brightness of the image and restores colors to their original form.

A futuristic feel

Gamers and streamers alike are finally being put in the spotlight! It’s a mix of pleated skirts, fishnet tights, and chokers for the e-girl aesthetic that is taking over the Gen Z era. As the designated tech-savvy and photo and video-obsessed ones of the group, the OPPO Reno7 5G is a smartphone that will not disappoint, most especially if we want to show off every single piece of our outfits with the AI Color Portrait. This feature brings out the colors of our looks to life by turning everything else around us in black and white, leaving us shining all day and all night long.

With these fashion aesthetics and so much more, it’s only a matter of time until all our outfits are ready for the world to see through the lens of the OPPO Reno7 5G.

Capture #UnlimitedMeInPortrait with the OPPO Reno7 series that comes in two smartphones, the OPPO Reno7 5G and OPPO Reno7 Z 5G, by visiting your nearest OPPO Brand Store, Shopee, or Lazada. This latest series even has a collaboration with local clothing brand Neon Island for a vibrant and quirky keyboard pad we can definitely make use of. To stay updated for more collabs and releases, visit OPPO’s website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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