Do Your Daily Health Routines Need A Refresh? Add Oral Care With Orahex

Do Your Daily Health Routines Need A Refresh? Add Oral Care With Orahex


Power through the year right and bright by making Orahex a part of your daily oral hygiene

The new year is fast-moving, and while there is much to be excited about as 2022 rolls on, there should be a time to reassess our routines. Sure, we have been used to carrying our daily health essentials especially as we venture outdoors, but maybe it’s time to check again. Oral care is an aspect of our daily health that we need to take just as seriously as every other health essential we keep, such as our masks and sanitizers. We may be focused too much on how we dress, how our makeup looks, but what goes on inside our mouths isn’t a topic to ignore. As we power through a new year of new opportunities, we need to ensure our overall health gets a nice, clean wash. Step up your hygiene and keep you and your family safe with the newest oral staple, Orahex.

Our everyday companion

In our culture, food is a daily topic we can’t escape. “Where are we ordering,” or “What’s for dinner” are statements you hear almost everyday. Compliment our habits of indulgent meals and strong flavors with an equally-strong oral care habit. As a product developed solely by Filipino dentists and doctors, the formula of Orahex has been fine-tuned to address the oral issues that many Filipinos face.

Orahex is the only oral mouthwash with a 0.12% Chlorohexidine Gluconate concentration, meaning that it gives a full 24 hours of protection and lessening viral load. It’s perfect for those who want to keep a fresh minty breath after chowing down on your favorite feel-good lunches while on the work grind, or who just wants to ensure complete protection from harmful bacteria.

Freshness for the family, anywhere, anytime

Having clean oral hygiene also means safety for the whole family. Orahex is great for the whole home to use with its alcohol-free composition that makes it perfectly safe for kids to use daily. Plus, this safe yet highly effective formulation makes it a recommended oral rinse by doctors and dentists from the Philippine Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, and Philippine Society of Periodontology. This multipurpose use makes it not just a countertop staple at home, but also a handy carry in your bag so that you can stay prepared for any emergency.

Apart from doing a great job in preventing and treating common oral illnesses such as gingivitis, plaque build-up, cold sores, or halitosis, Orahex can also be used as a method of oral maintenance for patients undergoing treatment with implants, periodontal surgery, and other surgical procedures, as well as a soaking solution for removable dentures and orthodontic appliances.

If you haven’t given your year a fresh start, this is the best place to begin. Orahex manages to live up to the expectation of keeping our mouths virus-free, and being extremely reliable in doing so. Orahex will be there whenever you need it even as our lives once again shift this year, making it a no-brainer addition to your daily health routine.

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